Hitman 2: Editions Discussion


I am with you and feel with you! Would it love too!


Agreed. I rarely tweet, and immediately hit them up on Twitter to express that wish; I also rarely join forums, but as a longstanding fan of the franchise and an owner of the last CE, I really, REALLY want this one.


I play hitman since the beginning. Console players can have collectors editions, PC players can’t even have a matérialized edition?!!
A collector edition will be great even if it’s only to join an artwork book. To be sure that they sell everything it must be lower than 100€.

Personnaly, I wait AT LEAST for a materialized version to play it.


Made the Account here just to say that I need the CE for the PC too


Did the Collectors Edition come for PC for the last game?


Second time in a row where we dont get Collector’s Edition for PC, at least in EU. Fuck you IO.


I would LOVE the collectors edition for PC, mainly because I’m… a collector -.- Hitman: Codename 47 (Old School PC Big Box) still stands as the most expensive Hitman product I own, think I spent about £200 on that, holy grail of my collection. I’m willing to pay more for Hitman 2, IO! Let Warner Brothers know you have die hard Hitman fans on PC!!!


Who knows something may come for PC yet, it’s still early days.


I just went in for the Gold Edition on faith. The Collector’s Edition stuff looks cool, but $100 is already a lot for a game that I wouldn’t pay for any other game.


Any chances the Collectors Edition content will be available separately on PC @Travis_IOI ?


You guys should team up. If I was playing on console, I would buy the Collectors and give it to some willing PC player who pays the price difference. But this wont grant you the ingame content. :confused:


Re: Did last one have a CE – It did, at least in NA; there was a sweet statue, a tie and tie pin, so on. Critical distinction though is that we’re talking about a different publisher, and TBF, WB hasn’t been the kindest to PC in the past. Not gonna slam them or shame them, they’ve done awesome things, but if they’re primarily in charge of the “editions”, not IOI, I feel less than confident we’ll be seeing a PC CE.

But I hope to be proven wrong and see a CE announcement ASAP.


I’m chasing answers to the questions in this thread and hoping to get something concrete out to you guys this week or next.

I see this one asked a lot and I can confirm that there won’t be a Collector’s Edition for PC.

Hitman 2 preorder
IOI & Warner: Make a PC CE, Please!

IOI & Warner: Make a PC CE, Please!

I should clarify that I’m liking your post because you’re going to get back with answers, not because you said PC players wouldn’t have a Collector’s Edition.

It does cross-over with my question about having a CE with a digital download code for Xbox. I imagine the problem with PC is due to having some arrangement with Steam, but couldn’t a CE contain a digital download code for Steam to resolve the issue?


Hmm … looks like it doesn’t pay off to produce a Collector’s Edition for our small PC community.

Thanks for the answer. Then it’s gonna be the gold edition.

I hope we can buy the exclusive ingame stuff a bit later just like the Requiem Pack for Season I.



Farewell my love :’(

There’s no way to make it happen i guess…

Dude i’m not buying a $150 Collector’s Edition if i can’t even use all of it!!

Such a waste :’(

I guess i’ll go with the Gold Edition then… ><

IOI & Warner: Make a PC CE, Please!



Re: PC CE –
Well, I won’t lie; this makes me sad. Can you provide us (now, or later) any information on why? Is there anything that could be done to convince the powers that be to change their mind on this?
Speaking for myself, I pre-order when the goodies are worth it, and physical goodies are often what are ‘worth it’ for me. I got the last Hitman in CE, and would gladly (personally) pay above even the asking price of the console CEs for the swag that’s included. That said, I don’t want to buy a CE branded for a console I don’t and won’t own, and frankly, at this point, will likely wind up waiting for a Steam sale or similar before buying Hitman 2. Which I feel is the opposite of the market behavior WB / IOI would want for the title.
IIRC, we similarly were cut out from JC3 and AK CEs. So I guess this is more of a WB decision than IOI, given that we got a CE for Hitman when it was under Squenix.

Anyway, sorry to be so verbose. I do greatly appreciate you giving us an answer; I would just hope for additional clarity as to why, and if it’s absolutely definitive that the PC community is being abandoned in this case, or if we have a shot in the dark at changing the minds of someone up high.


I’m still awaiting pre order news in the UK in regards to the collectors edition but I think that’s a bit lame that it isn’t coming to PC users.

Don’t quite get how it’ll come out on consoles but not on PC…