Hitman 2: Editions Discussion


Well for the UK you can pre-order the Collectors Edition through Amazon.co.uk for PS4 and Xbox One.

Obviously as you’ve heard from @Travis_IOI there won’t be a Collectors Edition for PC


In spain until now we can only pre-order the standar edition and only in one website and it isn’t amazon or some like like that


I don’t want the collector items but if someone else does I’ll buy it and you can make me an offer lol. I’ll ship it to you.


pls convince warner bros to sell the collectors edition ingame content separately so we can buy it on PC thanks


All I want is the new black duck, for duck’s sake.


I mean I can get the CE for PS4 or XB1, but not owning either of those consoles makes it pretty pointless of a purchase when I can just wait for a “Definitive Edition” on sale, or something similar.


I bought the Standard Edition. I also ordered a headset w/ mic that should be arriving by Thursday or Friday. So if I should have someone to play the Sniper game with, and if it uses voice…


Will the collector’s edition be available for pre-order in the USA? On Amazon


I believe it’s GameStop only.


We are still waiting to find out more details. So far it’s only GameStop for USA and Amazon for the UK.

Links are in the OP for you. :slight_smile:


Everything so far has pointed to GS exclusive for NA, which follows their practices.
One thing I realized though – Shadow of War (Also a Warner property) did have a PC CE.
So. Light at the end of the tunnel, maybe? @Travis_IOI , are we fools to hope, perchance, to dream?


Don’t amazon UK deliver to the rest of Europe, as I can order from the US amazon?


No CE for PC so I just bought the Gold Edition for PC and the CE for PS4
There goes the money… :frowning:


Think they do, here this might help you.

Amazon.co.uk International Delivery Restrictions


I’m thinking that WB / IOI wants that as the option for PC gamers. Which… the money of a “double buy” aside, the practice just kinda leaves a bad taste in my mouth…


Highly doubt you’ll get a Collectors Edition for PC.

Thought they’d of teased it a little if PC users were getting it.


Does anyone know if there is any word (or going to be) an unboxing video of the Hitman2 Collectors Edition?

I’m really curious as to the quality of the bullet key chain and coin and the briefcase itself.

I’m still getting it regardless, but I was curious if the stuff was like that hard plastic, or if the keychain and other stuff were metal like an actual coin.

I’m assuming the briefcase is like that pvc plastic, judging by the picture, but I could be wrong…


@Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI : Now the dust has settled after E3, is there any chance on getting back with answers to the questions?

It seems that most of the recurring questions surround the CE version. I’ll summarise:

  1. You’ve already made it clear that a physical disc version of the CE will not be happening for PC, but is it possible to provide a CE for PC with a digital download code instead?
  2. A number of console players have said that they don’t use (or like using) physical discs. Could there be a digital download code CE version for the console?
  3. If the answer to either of the above questions is, no, then will it be possible to purchase the in-game content for CE: Midnight Black suit and concussive duck?
  4. If not on game launch, will that content be available at a later period?

Apart from wanting to show our support for the work at IOI, many of us are awaiting these answers before we make a purchasing choice and we are literally itching to pull the trigger in the sniping game.


Note you have to address @Clemens_IOI, Travis is on holiday.


I want to know if a physical copy of the silver edition comes out. I want to pre order it but right now it’s only digital. So dumb. It’s the best looking edition in my opinion but I can’t buy it on disc? :frowning: