Hitman 2: Editions Discussion


I’d have thought they’d be an unboxing video of the Collectors Edition.

I’m super hyped for it. I’m also glad to be getting a physical disc this time, I didn’t mind a digital download code, but it was a bit underwhelming just getting a code inside the Hitman 2016 Collectors Edition.

It makes it even more special to be getting a steelbook version of the game with the Collectors Edition Briefcase this time.


I am also hoping that the actual briefcase don’t have this printed on it…

Again, I’m still getting it regardless, but I think it would look a hell of a lot nicer if it just had the Hitman insignia on both ends and nothing else


Meanwhile ingame:
Guard: “Sir, why does your briefcase contain the word ‘Hitman’? You must be that assassin who we are looking for!”
47: “No no you are mistaken. I am just a cosplayer. Know that Hitman game with the bald guy murdering people?”
Guard: “Oh shit you are right, you look EXACTLY LIKE HIM! Wow. I am sorry for bothering you.”

Archivement unlocked: 47 being disguised as a 47 cosplayer


they dont show us how the case looks without the carbord thing around it


@Urben lmao :joy:

Yes I know, that was my point lol I hope the actual briefcase just has the insignia on both ends and that’s it.

We need an unboxing video to see what we’re actually getting. @Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI can we expect a CE unboxing video “soon?”


Daily reminder Travis is on vacation, ask @Clemens_IOI. :wink:


Ah! That’s right! :sweat_smile:
Thank you, will do.


If I’m honest I don’t mind it, however, it would also look really cool without it as well.


I agree, the Silver Edition by far has the most awesome coverart, should have been used as the Gold Edition cover.


As was talked about earlier in the thread, it’s really important to get the word out there that it won’t be episodic, and in general to get more people on board for Hitman. Secures the future of the best franchise.


The hype is real for me… HITMAN 2 is the most expensive game I’ve ever bought in my life. I’ve never spent this much money on a single video game purchase. I got myself the gold edition.

Well, I guess if you count over a decade of playing World of Warcraft, HITMAN wasn’t that expensive, but let’s just say that subscription based MMO with base game and 7 expansion doesn’t really count. For my sanity’s sake.


I’m really pleased it’s no longer episodic. Loved the build up from the Absolution days when we got the Sniper Challenge and pre-ordered the collectors edition and it came with the disc in a collectors box.

Now I feel as though we are back to the golden days, with the Sniper Assassin pre-order bonus and once again a classic collectors edition with a physical disc in a steelbook cover.


If there’s a game that could fit the episodic model, that would definitely be Hitman™

On the other hand, i prefer having the whole game at start (or at least main missions) so i can enjoy the story, play and replay the levels on my own taste :slight_smile:

One good point for episodic model: makes players stand more on an individual level, making them replay it and discover it better :+1:

Now that this is said…for once there’s an EPIC collector’s edition for Hitman it’s not avaiable on PC…


What a waste :sob:

Look at that great Collector’s PC box we had for Hitman™…

And that amazing Steekbook Edition (which i own)…

I hope we’re AT LEAST getting a decent PC Steelbook Edition for Hitman™ | S2!!

(great cover art btw)

For the full CE Drama: IOI & Warner: Make a PC CE, Please!


I’m 99% sure the silver edition is US and digital only


I think you mean THAT. Which was amazing.


The abandoning of the episodic model worries me to be honest.

The live content we received in 2016 did seem to be extremely popular, but once we got to 2017 the popularity definitely started to wane. Less people seemed to be returning to the game - there was a massive decline in people posting on social media, streaming the content (+ watching the streams) and making it onto the leaderboard in the first week. The only thing that changed was that there was no new episodes being released.

Live content worked because people had a reason to constantly return to the game on an almost monthly basis because of the episodic release model. Because they had already made that commitment to return monthly, it didn’t take a lot of work to encourage people to instead return weekly to play the new escalation or Elusive Target.

Without the episodic model, I strongly believe that within a few months most of the casual players will have moved onto other games and won’t make the same commitment to return to HITMAN 2 regularly. It will mainly be played by the dedicated fanbase and new players as they happen to pick up the game.


I’m kind of wondering about that. Maybe these new game modes we’ve heard about will surprise us.


Edited thanks :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s what I heard as well, unless there’s something I missed.


I know it’s digital only. It’s just stupid to make multiple editions and make one of them digital only. They even designed a whole box art for it but don’t even bring it in physical stores.