Hitman 2: Editions Discussion


Well seeing that the CE wont be making its way to PC, and I doubt I’d be patient to wait for it to arrive, I caved in and bought the Gold one from Fanatical (it used to be called bundlestars, they are an official re-seller) they have it on sale for -25%, 67euros, better than paying 90 at least, don’t have to sell my kidney :wink:

The key arrived immediately, and just activated it on steam with sniper assassin, if some of you want to get it, the sale will be over in 48hours.

Now time to play some Sniper Assassin and painfully wait for H2 :smiley:


Why not just go for the Gold Edition? For the additional expansion and early access?

Cost or the cover art?


The costs itself. Standard version has way too less content and the gold edition is way too expensive. The price for the silver edition is perfect, and the cover art looks awesome. I want it on disc because I don’t really like digital. But apparently IO makes multiple versions but only the best one isn’t on disc. Lame.


Regular: 6 locations, 60€ (ratio: 10)
SIlver: 7 locations, 80€ (ratio: 11.43)
Gold: 8 locations, 90€ (ratio: 11.25)

If you want perfect price, regular. If you want content, gold. If you want perfect balance… regular.
I mean 30€ more for gold for “just” two extra missions surely sounds much. But if you are willing to spend 20€ on a single extra mission, I dont see why not spending another 10€ for a second extra mission.


Not just locations though is it? Expansion 2 includes additional weapons, outfits, sniper missions and id imagine a range of bonus missions. For me it has to be the gold or CE but each to their own


I like to have it all too, but I find missions are the huge selling point here so I shortened the comparing list. WIth the other stuff the ratio’s get a little bit better but it doesn’t change that you get the most for your money with the Regular and not the Silver.


Isn’t Gold being sold for 100€?


On Steam it is 90€.


Post in here, add your thoughts, and maybe, just maybe, we can show our wonderful Devs how passionate this community is about the CE coming to PC! I know you just bought the game, but even if you’re not getting the CE, adding your voice of support for those of us still holding out would be appreciated.

Also, Fanatical is awesome! I’ve been using them for ages and they’re really one of the best “official” re-sellers (I’m not generally a fan of the fly-by-night-pennies-on-the-dollar-if-we-don’t-scam-you sites)


Another PC user hoping for the CE to come!


Yeah for me it has to be Gold or CE.

Can’t be missing out on that Expansion 2 release.


Gold costs €100 in The Netherlands. And the silver edition looks better in my opinion. So I want it, on disc.

Gold might be a better deal overall but not everyone has the money for it.


Weird, I thought it costs the same all over the Euro group.


Do you have the option to purchase silver in the Netherlands though?


Physical? No. Digital? Yes. But I don’t want digital :confused:


I just pre-ordered the gold edition, only minidownside, my retailer just sends the snipercodes once a week every monday to all who ordered, I have it coming but have to wait a bit… and the deliverdate is the same as the normal edition instead of 4 days early?


Still nothing regarding the console collector’s edition for Europe :confused:

At the moment it is only available in France at Micromania (the French Gamestop) and on Amazon UK.

I’d just like to know whether we’ll be able to preorder it somewhere else.

The fact that we still don’t know much about this is very concerning. I’ve been patient but I think it’s time someone from WB addresses all the questions and issues we are having right now.


In Belgium you can get it on BOL.com for ps4 and xbxOne, But I’m gooing with gold, don’t like the look of the case, nor the ducky.


I still don’t get it why they don’t make a collectors edition for pc but for xbox and ps4


Travis is on vacation now, you should ask Clemens instead