Hitman 2: Editions Discussion


I’d ask @Clemens_IOI to see if he can find out anything.



The Hitman Offical Website has updated its Pre-Order section for the Collectors Edition. The Pre-Order option has updated for France, Denmark and other places.

Some areas still haven’t been updated yet.


The PM from WB sent me a tweet with this link:

PC CE for UK

Here is hoping for US release as well!

IOI & Warner: Make a PC CE, Please!


Did not know WB has a Prime Minister tho.


That’s actually quite surprising that happened tbh.


Yeah man, that’s how deep it goes!


WUT!!! :open_mouth:



To quote myself from the other thread:


It’s so awesome that we finally can say it! :smiley: We heard you request, and it’s coming :heart_eyes: Have a great weekend all!

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glorious days

20 merces


Great news to hear the PC players are getting the Collectors Edition as well. :wink:


that’s terrible, i already pre-order gold edition from Fanatical, damn


Any word that the CE items can be purchased via DLC for ppl who didn’t buy the CE? I’d really like that Concussive Duck on Day 1.


That’s awesome! Even though I’m on PS4, I’m very glad to hear that PC players can get in on the CE as well. Good news!

Speaking of the CE, I’m still wondering what the quality of the items will be. Obviously the duck will (most likely) be made just like your standard rubber duck…

But I’m really curious about the coin and bullet key ring. Will the coin be metal and have a bit of weight to it? (Similar to a half dollar coin) and will the bullet be plastic or all metal as well? (I’m just thinking a hard plastic for this one, but I could be wrong.)

Going by the CE picture we were shown, everything looks pretty good but I just wish we could see (physically) what we would be getting.

@Clemens_IOI @Travis_IOI I know I asked this already, but can we expect an unboxing video of all the CE items soon? (As well as the briefcase itself.)

I don’t mind paying the price of the CE, i just think (for the price) we should be seeing what we’re getting in more depth, rather than just one photo. I mean, we don’t actually know (for sure) how the briefcase will look or what it’s really made of. Will it have the “Hitman2” logo printed on it like it’s shown on the cover or will it just have the Insignia? (I hope it’s just the insignia)


No news on that yet.
Hopefully it’ll be avaliable day one separately, but…

The Requiem Pack only got released separately alongside Landslide a year after the premiere episode. I assume it might take a while to get released, unfortunately. Since it’s exclusive to the CE, it’ll stay that way for a bit I think.

The Anniversary Suits aren’t separate from the Definitive edition just yet, and that’s the only version that has them avaliable. We don’t k ow when they’ll be separated. (That upcoming Suit pack’s existence is the perfect reason to have your S1 suits imported considering they’d be pretty much obsolete once H2 drops or even DOA if they come out afterwards. The craze is all around the new Hitman, so buying that old pack would be a waste this Fall.


Well it looks to me like the Hitman 2 duck is exactly like the limited edition Absolution rubber duck that was available at E3 2012 but with a repaint.

I’m very lucky to have one!

Either way the duck is looking awesome, really looking forward to getting it. As for the 47 coin and the bullet, I’m really hoping they are metal, that would be so cool. It would really add to the value.


I told everyone way back at E3 that it would happen.

IO is not gonna just be like “nah, we don’t want that money” and Warner Bros. sure as hell is not gonna pass up easy cash!


Well, i’m glad you were right :slight_smile:


According to the HITMAN 2 website, the UK is the only country which has the Collector’s Edition available for pre-order, and amazon.co.uk doesn’t ship games to Australia (nor most markets outside of Europe).