HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #1: The Undying (20 November 2018)

Good luck, Agents.

Briefing Video:

From today (November 20) through December 4, players will be able to attempt to assassinate ‘The Undying,’ but like all Elusive Targets, will have only one chance.

Those who play the mission and complete the Explosive Penmanship challenge will unlock the fan-selected Explosive Pen.

According to IO;
“The Explosive Pen is a non-illegal item that can be freely carried by Agent 47. It can be locked on to a target and thrown for a lethal kill and will explode shortly after with a powerful blast. It can also be throw to the ground before exploding. If you want, you can also conceal it inside a briefcase.”


I hope Faba who is known for faking his own death will fake his own death here too, maybe by using a body double, and show up again as a later Elusive Target


Hell… I’m hoping he comes back as the big bad in HITMAN 3! :slight_smile:


AH you beat me to it! Good man though!

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Technically, Faba has already done this to me, as I have killed him before, long ago, in Goldeneye 007 (N64) :thinking:


Ah but back then… that was for England… Jack. :wink:


Well backer then I killed him for Gondor’s aid.:joy: Now I am doing it for #TeamPen


Sean Bean also mentioned in an interview that he may want to join in on the fun and try to play the game himself to kill himself.

So just in case he’s here… Let’s be on our best behavior. :wink:


Ahhh i’m so excited! Hope this is a success for them!

Never mind… IOI have said the Challenge is unlocked by just starting the mission. :stuck_out_tongue:


What kind of challenge is this? Is it related to the story mission in Miami?

That’s cool, I hope I do better than just start the mission :smiley:.


It’s a Challenge (with the Explosive Pen as the prized unlockable) attached to The Undying ET Mission.

It is completed just by starting the mission! :slight_smile:

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Servers back up!!!

Like half of the ET unlocks are the same as S1 :confused: cue backlash in 3, 2… :frowning:

Well I think Travis said in a livestream most were old unlocks for new players. I would much rather a mix of old and new rather than “Florida Fit with gloves” or Imperial Classic with sunglasses.

Not entirely, I believe the 12 reward and 15 reward are new. I’m pretty certain about the 12 (Undying Look) is new, as that’s Faba’s suit, right?

Yeah that’s why I said like half hahahha

So what is the reward for this elusive?

Explosive Pen


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we’re getting the florida fit with gloves+ as well