HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #1: The Undying (20 November 2018)

That’s been brought up a lot… the feeling that we’ve been had. Now I really want WB to make a movie about this guy.

If some one can get me the character model I’d make an animated film with this guy using Sean Bean voice clips! Hahaha.

Yes. I’ve done a reconnaissance this evening and I think I’ve discovered all of the dialogue. There’s some really interesting stuff in there. Unfortunately I’m out with my family tomorrow evening, so it’ll be Thursday beforel I can start recording/collating it. Why did they release an ET on a weekday?


I just completed the Undying ET with a Silent Assassin rating - it came up on the results screen and I have the Florida Fit outfit with gloves - but the game hasn’t noted any SA progression for other challenges and I haven’t unlocked the Terminus. Help!

same happened to me and some others

To anyone who killed Faba with the robot: does he have any unique dialogue when the robot locks onto him, like Robert Knox does?

You know what’s odd about this video?

When he’s talking to Yu and Ready… .Faba sounds like he’s planning the assassination of Pavel Zhukov.

But during the walking phone conversations with HIS own team (who are not in Miami), he sounds like he’s planning to FAKE the assassination of Pavel Zhukov… He mentions a fake cadaver but never explicitly says it’s for him. He talks about making it look like an assassin succeeded with a “lucky shot”. Blowing up a floor as a diversion. Making sure the “death looks good on TV”. He has these conversations away from the Kronstadt team.

One version of the op would go like this… Faba has Zhukov’s “replacement cadaver exactly where he wants it”. Faba (in disguise?)will reveal himself to the “would-be assassin” aka: “the ICA invitee” aka: “their assassin” (who isn’t part of the act). Send this guy up the elevator (which Faba actually can control). This is “the Pledge” phase of the trick. Faba therefore controls the ENTIRE operation since he can delay the elevator or what not while his team get ready for “the Turn” part of the trick - the giant explosion. The assassin ends up shooting the dummy, the adjacent location/floor explodes triggered by Faba’s team on cue. The “would-be assassin” leaves in confusion. The whole place is engulfed in confusion. Then “the Prestige” plays out…Countless people dead… including maybe the charred remains of “Pavel Zhukov”. Everything is as it should.

Faba and his team extricate and meet Pavel Zhukov somewhere else where they watch Pavel’s “death” recorded on live TV and he collects his money.

Faba then also collects money from Robert Knox for a job well done. Faba is now double-rich after doing one job.

Is this his new line of work? Collecting money from Clients on both ends of the market?

The other possibility is that Faba wants to make it look like he failed his attempt to escape after killing Zhukov so has an entire second operation just to plan his latest fake death. But that’s not as interesting as suggesting Faba, like 47, “specializes in disappearances”. :slight_smile:

Besides… if he’s so good at “undying”… you would think that’s what he’d be selling. :wink:


Can we see pics? I wanna see how it looks on the new model.

Certainly not impossible that ioi may do something like this

I have just one… teensy weensy question… a little help from the community.

Can that mega-bomb explode? And does it count as an Accident? :wink:

I got him! But I didn’t kill him (yet). I lost SA due to an NPC snapping around as I was going to knock them out (unconscious witness), then I got spotted by Mr. Knox changing a disguise. I’ll try again later. `Thinking I’ll just post screen-shots if/when I get SA.

One of the lab dudes has a key to the cabinet… But I haven’t tried …it.

You mean I cannot ignite it with a BC Briefcase? :stuck_out_tongue:
What the hell I can try it later… but would ruin SA if it wasn’t an accident. :expressionless:

That’s a really interesting theory.

But I believe that in one of the few possible conversations that results when you present the bomb to Faba (dressed as Tim Yu), Faba says that he plans to use a body double to make it look like he himself will die in the bookstore explosion. But it could be that I’m misremembering and there’s an alternate interpretation, and it could be that he’s lying to Tim Yu just as he lies during the presentation.


Yes… the main thing that’s bugging me is… why is one part of the team NOT at this “all-critical” meeting? Faba himself took the plane to Miami and everyone else on his team didn’t…Unless they are NOT supposed to be there! :smiley:

don’t risk it i killed myself with that damn bomb :’(


That big an explosion? Maybe it’s a CX sized explosion…I’ve misjudged that one myself once.

The way I understood it, the replacement cadaver is for himself, not for Zhukov. The Zhukov assassination plan is a way to lure another ICA agent (that’s why he said “I have sent ICA an invite”) and fake yet another death


yeah… but Faba technically won’t profit from faking his own death monetarily. So if this is about him trying to make money…then my version makes the most sense. The part about “poisoning I wouldn’t want to go through again” is perhaps down to small talk… but would jive with the early part of the video where Faba seems to imply that his survival tricks are “built into his person”. He knows how to take a fall… conserve himself during an attempted drowning… recover from poisons…not to mention countless doubles he can deploy.

In fact, it’s possible when he says “I will reveal myself to the would-be assassin” he isn’t even talking about himself-himself. hahaha

New line of work? Isn’t it like war profiteer - supplying both sides? Hardly a new concept.

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But would be a great concept for a character called “The Undying” wouldn’t it? :slight_smile:
Best sales pitch he can make to any client is “Look at me… I’m still alive. I’ve been sent to kill you but if we cut a deal we can only make it look like I’ve killed you. My reputation would be intact and you’d still have your precious life.” :stuck_out_tongue:

More like “The Untrustworthy”, when someone finds out his target, that should be long dead by his hand is alive and fine and he was paid for that.

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