HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #1: The Undying (20 November 2018)

don’t risk it i killed myself with that damn bomb :’(


That big an explosion? Maybe it’s a CX sized explosion…I’ve misjudged that one myself once.

The way I understood it, the replacement cadaver is for himself, not for Zhukov. The Zhukov assassination plan is a way to lure another ICA agent (that’s why he said “I have sent ICA an invite”) and fake yet another death


yeah… but Faba technically won’t profit from faking his own death monetarily. So if this is about him trying to make money…then my version makes the most sense. The part about “poisoning I wouldn’t want to go through again” is perhaps down to small talk… but would jive with the early part of the video where Faba seems to imply that his survival tricks are “built into his person”. He knows how to take a fall… conserve himself during an attempted drowning… recover from poisons…not to mention countless doubles he can deploy.

In fact, it’s possible when he says “I will reveal myself to the would-be assassin” he isn’t even talking about himself-himself. hahaha

New line of work? Isn’t it like war profiteer - supplying both sides? Hardly a new concept.

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But would be a great concept for a character called “The Undying” wouldn’t it? :slight_smile:
Best sales pitch he can make to any client is “Look at me… I’m still alive. I’ve been sent to kill you but if we cut a deal we can only make it look like I’ve killed you. My reputation would be intact and you’d still have your precious life.” :stuck_out_tongue:

More like “The Untrustworthy”, when someone finds out his target, that should be long dead by his hand is alive and fine and he was paid for that.

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Im out of town for meetings but can not wait to get home. I’ll be back tomorrow and this will be what I do while the wife preps for Thanksgiving

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I can imagine the ICA have had that trust issue 26 times with regards to Mark Faba… a constant source of embarrassment… but it happens. :wink:

Or that this ICA agent is what Faba refers to as “their assassin” which he will “steer into location” and that he plans to pose as that mission’s version of Mr. Ready to send them into an elevator with a sniper rifle.

Though that would mean… .that Faba takes a large fee for the entire ruse… gives the ICA a smaller fee since he would have “invited/hired” them… the ICA think they kill Pavel Zhukov… Faba collects money from both Knox and Zhukov.

Knox is unaware that Faba “sub-contracted” the Zhukov assassination.

If Zhukov is seen alive later… the ICA will take the blame since Faba can point at them and probably prove it.

Brilliant… except 47 heard the whole damn thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just saw all that about an assassin as being part of Faba’s nature: hire someone to purportedly kill the target, while Faba himself is an innocent bystander, or at maximum a dead criminal in a plan gone wrong.

I strongly dislike Mr. Ready. I tested his trustworthiness and it’s below zero. I had KO’d the second guard (and took his clothes) in the long stairway that Ready takes you through to go up. When Ready saw the body he was going to wake him up!!! And snitch on me, no doubt. I wish there was an option there to tell him, even though he didn’t want to know, the obvious. Instead I shot him in the face.
Then I quickly hit restart :-p


If it happens 27th time, I will give him emetic posion, then while he throws up, I will inject lethal posion, then before it kicks in I will drown him, then I empty my gun into his head, heart and other vitals, then I will place a remote duck on top of him and finally detonate it, before leaving mission.


So, which weapon did you guys choose to kill him with? I fell in love with the silenced shottie. His face received everything.

I get the impression that Sean Bean will return as a recurring elusive contract, possibly appearing once in every S2 location. He totally knew 47 was there to kill him.

I shot him in the back of the head while he was in the robotics lab.


If you’ve failed, you’ve failed. That’s the entire point of elusive targets. Consider this as a learning opportunity for next time :stuck_out_tongue:

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I got Silent Assassin, yet the Terminus suit didn’t unlock @Travis_IOI

I feel a bit cheated. How is this even spotted, does not make sense

Funny part, as you can see i still got the SA challenge, and unlocked all the suits. Yet the scoring page claims i got spotted and 4/5 stars.

Nothing makes sense here.


I am afraid this “I can add flourish to my exit” concept is the downfall of many an assassin… Just learn from this my friend. :slight_smile:

“People die all the time… happens to everyone. Even to us.”

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Sure thing. I just got home, will edit this comment with the Terminus pic.

Edit: Here’s the Terminus suit (pardon the graphics, my pc used to be better)

in-game (btw, Ansel thinks this game is H2: Silent Assassin lmao)

suit selection