HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #1: The Undying (20 November 2018)

If it happens 27th time, I will give him emetic posion, then while he throws up, I will inject lethal posion, then before it kicks in I will drown him, then I empty my gun into his head, heart and other vitals, then I will place a remote duck on top of him and finally detonate it, before leaving mission.


So, which weapon did you guys choose to kill him with? I fell in love with the silenced shottie. His face received everything.

I get the impression that Sean Bean will return as a recurring elusive contract, possibly appearing once in every S2 location. He totally knew 47 was there to kill him.

I shot him in the back of the head while he was in the robotics lab.


If you’ve failed, you’ve failed. That’s the entire point of elusive targets. Consider this as a learning opportunity for next time :stuck_out_tongue:

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I got Silent Assassin, yet the Terminus suit didn’t unlock @Travis_IOI

I feel a bit cheated. How is this even spotted, does not make sense

Funny part, as you can see i still got the SA challenge, and unlocked all the suits. Yet the scoring page claims i got spotted and 4/5 stars.

Nothing makes sense here.


I am afraid this “I can add flourish to my exit” concept is the downfall of many an assassin… Just learn from this my friend. :slight_smile:

“People die all the time… happens to everyone. Even to us.”

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Sure thing. I just got home, will edit this comment with the Terminus pic.

Edit: Here’s the Terminus suit (pardon the graphics, my pc used to be better)

in-game (btw, Ansel thinks this game is H2: Silent Assassin lmao)

suit selection


Isn’t that similar to The Sugreons ET in Hokkaido? You could skip the part of killing them via the virus injections wich violated the objectives completed part of the score but if you had everything else it still counted as SA. Sometimes the scoring in the game acts pretty weird.

I don’t know guys. You think he’ll be coming back from this? :laughing:


Except that the syringes were an optional objective, while the no spotted part is just mandatory for SA.

Here is the run. I call bullshit


I wanted to do something traditional and SO with a twist, but spent so long wandering around enjoying this ET that the final run felt a bit lacklustre

Also, not sure if it’s just Xbox but the proximity of the cars on the track seems to have an effect on some of the climbing prompts not appearing/lagging out.

Good ET – you can feel the amount of work put into it compared to some from S1. Hopefully more like this on the way (though with less spoiler-y handholding + gadget overkill).


Deadpool would. He can come back from a single drop of blood.

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wow he’s good it really does look like he died :joy: the guy’s a professional


You wonder perhaps if it isn’t Mark Faba’s troupe who were responsible for the realistic fake deaths in the ICA training missions made “20 years ago”…


Interesting ET with mission and such. Even more interesting for me cause I just started on Hitman 2 and didn’t know Miami that well. None the less, 47 always gets his target. Now I gotta go back to hitting level 20 Mastery on Miami and move on to the next level.


@stickpeted @Soupienza

I do not get killed. I killed myself. I already killed the elusive target and deleted evidence, then I was on the way to exit. While I was on the way I wanted to drop all items that I have to feel like an real agent. Then one of the items killed me when I droped it. I never didn’t know that some items can kill me when I drop it from my inventory.

Is it possible to upload a video here via smartphone? I wanna show it. Best fail ever.


Well most here would use a YouTube link.

As for Fails we’ve all had them.

One of the most infamous ones was @Bending_Cheese67 blowing himself up with a Breaching Charge within 20 seconds of starting an ET because he was standing too close to the door when he pressed the detonator.

It’s also happened to me with… ironically… a propane tank.

It can happen.


You can do the same with the bottles of Nitro that you get in Colorado.