HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #1: The Undying (20 November 2018)

Sean Bean in the news again…


Latest Patch rules already working for you I see. :wink:

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What I’m wanting to do… Good thing we have a month to get it done. But maybe I’ll get lucky and have a video up by Sunday or Monday.


So it’s the same mission as the first one, except he has an eyepatch now…

Time for a new strat then!

Glad this time it lasts 1 month, will give me the time to make a proper run :+1:

Nice poster btw! Well done guys :ok_hand:

Cya in few weeks :wink:


So finally see someone picked uncommon weapon (in action)
I used hobby knife, was thinking about earphones but didn’t use that even I grabbed the item :tropical_drink:

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Don’t worry, you don’t have to wait for the next month for the next ET, next ET will be this month, may 31:


May 31 / Legacy Elusive Target

We end the month with a bang and an entirely new concept for Elusive Targets!

The Guru and The Congressman are two Legacy ET’s that are back in Sapienza – at the same time! This single contract includes the two targets and features a new briefing video and target bios. Completing the contract will count as 1 towards your progress for unlocking ET suits.

You’ll need to own the Legacy Pack to play this Elusive Target, so make sure you download it if you haven’t already!


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I know. Doesn’t changes the fact that I’m really disappointed with the “Return” of the Unyding. Four ETs and they already started rerunning them. It get that he’s a special case and that we won’t see the other Season 2 ETs for a long while, but still… They should’ve put him in another location with a different route, instead they took the easy route and just gave him an eyepatch.


And what else would you expect from a reactivation?
I believe the name of Undying Returns and eyepatch are required for count him as a different target in their back-end panel so all the players (even those who killed him for the first time) can play the mission again. Without these changes he would’ve been just the same target, which couldn’t be replayed for everybody


I can’t blame IO-I for trying to get more people into Hitman 2, I believe that’s the reason why they reactivated this ET so early.

Maybe they don’t have enough time to make new ET’s? Just look at the roadmaps they are packed with content, so maybe new ET’s takes more time?

I have another guess.
They may preparing a new celebrity-based Elusive Target, but they need time for all the juristic details and nuances to work on for bring the celebrity appearance in the game.
This is only way I can explain so huge break from H2 targets

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My guess is that they’d always planned to re-activate this particular ET and the introduction of the Miami pack was always in the pipeline too, what better way to sell it than with a famous Hollywood actor being 47’s target? Also I’d imagine Sean Bean would of been on a nice little earner on this so I’d imagine IO are getting their monies worth and who can blame them.

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Has anyone else had problems with PALLAS kill not giving silent assassin? I did it on the first time round with no problems, but this time, moments after he dies (the PIP shows his death) my SA tracker turns from green to red. I’m waiting on the helipad at the time. No one is anywhere near me and when I go into instinct there is no one with exclamation marks over their heads or anyone who has turned yellow. What is going on?

I assume this is witnessed kill moment counts.
Welcome to the new SA rating system

Can anyone else confirm not getting an SA PALLAS kill? I was going to do this myself when I play in about 12 hours :S

What does this mean?

@KevinRudd: Twice I didn’t get SA.

Seems you will have to clear up that room.
Otherwise it won’t work

Somebody sees the moment when target dies

But it is meant to be an accident kill. Are you saying that other public accident kills no longer count?


I tested it with drowning a target in Santa Fortuna as @KevinRudd reported earlier.
The maid sees this and it doesn’t count.
So, most likely nobody should see the moment of dying

If you’re talking about the jacuzzi kill, then that has always been a weird one. No one can see you commit the crime - they walk past and look at you without a care in the world that you’re drowning someone - but it’s not an accident kill, so when the body is found you lose SA. It’s always been that way.

However, what you’re saying has completely broken the game. Gone are chandelier shots, electrocutions, and I’m guessing poisoning food/drinks will no longer get SA now. This can’t be happening! :disappointed:

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I may try to clear the room and kill him with robot and report of a result if you don’t want to do it yourself