HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #1: The Undying (20 November 2018)

I’d just use trick to restart the contract again if I were you (google for it, as long as you haven’t exited current session it’s recoverable).
The game is quite inconsistent even a particular known issue has been ‘said’ patched.

It might be because the kill with PALLAS is done with the Concept 9 pistol so Ballistic Kill?

@Euler13 Bug or not, I have to say that I think the fact that drowning in the jacuzzi isn’t considered SA makes sense to me logically. I don’t think drowning by itself is what’s considered an accident, it’s the implication that whatever made the person sick either killed them or made them fall unconscious and drown. Finding someone slumped with their head in a hot tub is a bit more suspect. That’s my realistic take, I know mechanics and realism rarely go hand in hand however.

Fucked up a little this time. I tried electrocuting him and got it done but some guard lured by the faucet catched me triggering the electrocution device or something. I could have just drowned the guy and there would have been no problems but I love electrocuting targets so I had to do it now after PALLAS had failed killing him the last time I played this ET. Well, I bet he still faked a heart attack lol.


I’m so glad I read this about PALLAS and Timothy Yu getting in the way, before I played the ET!

On a semi-related note, I agree with comments people have said in the past, where after the ET cycle is complete, I wouldn’t even object to IO releasing the ETs as a $5 DLC to permanently replay whenever you want (Presuming there’s going to be ~26 like there was in S1), even if it ‘sets a bad precedent’

My Set Up

I first recorded this a day or 2 before I got him - which you’ll see for the last 2/3rds of the video. And the only thing different is I first brought in the Micro Remote Explosive, and the final one was just a regular ICA Remote Explosive.

Some poignant quotes…

"...You've really done your homework!"

Testing, testing, testing! Until I got the feel for it, and could know just about where the target would land, but sometimes when the alignment was right - he’d either go too far or not far enough (and it was Robert Knox I experimented with).

I did kill Mr. Faba once, but he was shot way too short (and it was from a lower level balcony). That’s when I worked on the ‘technique’ until I got it right. I really wish I didn’t subdue the 3 people by that area, but that was a lot of work! I wasn’t going to lose SA if he landed close by and I’d have to drag him into the shredder area.

"Well, then this is your bluebird my friend!"

Flying Faba in his blue suit! :grin:


Very Nice. The undying should not be able to return after that. I’m sure IO will find a way.


Mark Faba had already taken the precaution of replacing all the wood chippers with fake props… :wink:


Hey, has anyone checked if the Pink Army Easter egg works in elusive targets?

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I’d love to see the bandages required to recover from that…

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Elusive Target #8: The Undying Returns - Shabby’s Big Boom (2.54)

Shabby 47 does a suit only run, making sure that Mark Faba goes out with a bang. :boom:


Epic @Tetrafish_21 I’ve got something similarly planned but haven’t settled on where to launch him yet. I’ve also been testing with Mr. Knox and I must say, he’s quite the crash test dummy. This is one of my favorites, Robert takes out Moses so Sierra can win. Also did you notice 47 cannot die from being struck by a flying NPC?


I’ve just tried to launch it, but seems it doesn’t work, which a bit weird.
Will give it another try to make sure

I finished the ET almost flawlessly and then I opened the wrong door and one guy saw the dead Bean.
God damn it!

I think one of my test subjects came very close to me while I was testing that kill out, but I haven’t yet been hit by a flying body.

The fun thing about that kill was looking for the object I was aiming for (a light pole behind that fenced in area) and setting the PTs just right… It’s like you imagine a straight line from that pole to where the body is, then perpendicularly from that line - set the PTs in the right spots. And I think the ICA remote explosive gave it (or the 4 tanks) the extra push for height and distance. :nerd_face: :grin:

That could make for some interesting challenges. Like, make such-n-such target land on this thing, or blast them all the way over to this area. Essentially controlling and/or predicting where a target will land!

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I’ve tested it so many times… I wish I had a computer to compile a video of all the times 47 was struck by Knox. Some are pretty funny but nothing will register even the slightest bit of damage to 47.

I just nailed the shot with Knox from the Heli pad to the speedboat exit and Knox stuck the landing! Landed perfectly in the seats. Sadly he wasn’t there in the end scene.

Nah, it doesn’t work with Faba.
I assume the reason is to prevent from voiding SA ‘by default’, cuz launching this EE you definetely lose the SA rating

It would be cool though, to kill Faba dressed in flamingo outfit :slight_smile:

So… much further past the double doors is safe to use the Octane Booster Bomb… :stuck_out_tongue:
Next time… when those earphones are finally up for The Undying Mk III… I will have my glorious explosion!

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If someone can successfully pull this off with Faba (leave the map with him) then I think we should say we finally finished him off…


It was actually your post the made me take extra precautions. And interestingly, someone commented on my video that they were killed in the blast too. A very risky strategy indeed.

In my dialogue video the first time round I used that bomb and detonated it when I was standing by PALLAS, but I wanted to be safe the second time round. I’ve time-linked the bomb detonation in the dialogue video below:

It seemed in your video you got killed by the nitroboost bottle on the table on the left side. In my video you’ll see that bottle does not explode, so it looks like they increased the blast radius.

If you watch my “The Undying Returns” kill you’ll notice that 47’s suit and tie get wind blasted even standing in that doorway!