HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #2: The Revolutionary (21 December 2018)

Vincente Murillo is now live, ladies and gentlemen! Happy hunting!

From what we can tell, this is our biggest Elusive Target yet (literally)


@Silvereyes kindly linked the briefing;


Some HMF member-made runs of the mission;









@Euler13 was so kind as to do a Dialogue video



Wow. And I was just wondering when this would drop. :slight_smile:




His holiday present will be a bullet in the head.


Does that uniform appear on other NPCs? I’m trying to solve the mystery of why there are so many uniforms with comically large glowing radios on them. I’m pretty sure they’re vestiges of a cut gameplay mechanic but I don’t know what it would have been or how late it was cut or why.

Am I right?



Sagat is my Main in SF2

What could the limited holiday event be?

Can’t be an ET target. Snow like GTA? :S I’m clutching at straws here.

it’s Holiday Hoarders, for sure. but they might have something else as well (im sure it won’t be just HH). new unlockables only for a limited time? we’ll see

It’s them paying respects to all the radios CJ killed while running Season 1.


I’m pretty sure there are no military/police figures in Santa Fortuna.

This ET story appears to be inspired perhaps by the real life story of Fulgencio Batista, a military man who used money and assistance from drug cartels to topple the government of Cuba so they could use it as a tax haven and gambling center.

The target picture even resembles him.


Huh I thought it was US government intervention to stop the nation from being being independent from the US as well as US mafia and drug money from the US


Good target idea, makes sense in Colombia setup :+1:

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Batista supposedly worked together with Lucky Luciano… who may or may not have had some kind of support from some government figures.

The Five Families did always want to make their “work” have something to do with fighting Nazis or fighting Communists.

But in the end when Batista swept to power they wasted no time building the Riviera Hotel and Casino and Frank Sinatra was singing there every few months.

#WorldOfAssassination stuff in real life. :wink:


Well don’t forget Meyer Lansky and the coastal casino developments and the Tropicana Club. He was just as deep with “Batty” as Luciano was. Lansky didn’t even need the fighting Nazi/Communist excuse. He saw a market and bought into it managed to collapse it into himself

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Yes. And what Lansky, Luciano, and our own Rico Delgado have in common is a “Fight the Power” rhetoric.

As Diana would say: “It all fits!” :slight_smile:

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The skull symbol looks dangerously close to the Nazi SS skull. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Totenkopf#/media/File:SS-symbol2.png

Although the one on the ET looks even more evil lol.

It looks like a CoD avatar to me. I think it is a spoof of revolutionary symbols to be honest.

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It’s Ok. The guy wearing it will die. :stuck_out_tongue:

So given the possible backdrop of this story. This guy would be meeting with Rico right? Makes no sense for him to meet Andrea or Jorge…

The Revolutionary: “So Rico my friend, about our plans…”

Rico Delgado: “We have agreed on the main areas. Our people and your people will sort the details.”

Catalina Delgado: “Oh honey! You won’t believe who came by today!”

Rico Delgado: “Another one of your modeling friends?”

Catalina: “Don’t you recognize him? It’s P-Power!”

Rico: “But he looks different on the TV… And didn’t you say he was already here last month?”

47-as-P-Power: “I relocated here recently. Beautiful country.”

Catalina: “See?!? I do good work. I am promoting tourism and investment to Santa Fortuna! I make a good First Lady no?”

Rico: “Yeah… just don’t forget who put you there.”

The Revolutionary: “Oh oh! I know you Mr. Power! I want a tattoo… An Eagle… right on my chest… A symbol of our freedom! To pierce the hearts of our enemies with fear!”

47-as-P-Power: “I’m sure I can do something along those lines …”