HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #2: The Revolutionary (21 December 2018)

What if it is not a green-screen and it has been a green backdrop the whole time?:exploding_head:


Mind. Blown. :no_mouth:

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The description still shows ‘a trilby hat’ :laughing:


I triggered a lockdown and used the poison bc I wanted SA. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to just throw a grenade through the window though. Maybe next time there is a seditary target I’ll forgo SA for the hot toss.

Edit: ‘threw’ changed to ‘through’

#BringBackTheHat! #DitchTheGloves (The last one is personal, feel free to use the first one though)

Nothing fancy, just a very simple way to do a very easy target.

This kept me awake yesterday, now I remember what I was thinking about. Someone mentioned killing him while he was being broadcasted. And that made me wonder if that’d count as ‘Crime Noticed’ – which would be by everyone watching their TV. :laughing: I would’ve tried fiber-wiring him, or just headshotting him like it was a snuff-film. :laughing:

I don’t think losing SA is worth that. But it would be funny! The hard part would be getting everyone in the room taken out and hidden, but even if you did - I don’t know if he’d still go on camera. Maybe that part depends on that one NPC that operates the camera.


this is my first ET in S2 and the last one
Too busy to play, I have no time to learn this game anymore
Need Afk for a while, maybe come back later maybe not
This game is so great, I love HITMAN!
Thank you for watching! Bye!


See ya @J8J8J8JJ8. Sweet run by the way, all the best!

Elusive Target #2 - The Revolutionary - Dialogue

Not the most dynamic of routes, but some interesting dialogue. Enjoy!


I’m happy IO-I gave us at least one good opportunity to kill this target :smiley::

I subdued the guard where the first target is in the story mission, after shooting the camera and subdue and hide the guy in the back yard, which would spot me when I jumped over the fence again, disabled the surveillance cameras, subdued one of the guards where the target was, hide him in a container, right behind a enforcer guard :open_mouth: poured lethal poison in the targets wine glass :blush: and took the bus home from work when the target was dead and the search was over :smiley:.


I absolutely adore these videos @Euler13, and I know many others do too. Fantastic effort.


You’re very welcome. It’s great to hear that they are being enjoyed. :heart_eyes:
But they really are a labour of love. Incredibly hard work, they take hours of reconnaissance and experimentation, but I really enjoy doing them myself.


Is there one done with Mr Fabarrr?
I saw some comments about him mentioning some key characters, please link if you did one.
Thanks for the recent upload

Your videos are the one true thing keeping thse elusive targets from being elusive. Great uploads! Loved the remote bomb kill while you were watching him on TV!


Coincidence? I think not




I really enjoyed this ET!!I was sure I wanted to ‘‘finish’’ him at the ‘‘fishing’’ area , after 1 hour of experimentation with all 3 spawn locations :stuck_out_tongue: Cleared evidence , got rid of annoying guards and possible fishermen witnesses , and pushed him as food for piranhas!!SA and the cool tourist suit unlocked!!


Good work 47,the money is being wired to your account

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‘clear site’ :woman_facepalming: the font looks super weird too

Here is the playlist of all the elusive targets I’ve done (I began with #15 The Angel of Death from Season 1):



Did you intentionally edit the cuts from the barflies to Murillo? Cause I chuckled slightly whenever it happened.