HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #2: The Revolutionary (21 December 2018)

Or what if The Revolutionary is meeting instead with Hector Delgado and Andrea Martinez?

The Revolutionary: “So… when all this is over…”

Hector Delgado: “You, my good man, will be the new President of Colombia!”

Andrea Martinez: “And we will make it look and sound good on print and on TV. I have the connections to make that happen.”

The Revolutionary: “Muy Bueno! But… uh…you know what would really help make the people of Colombia accept their new king?”

Hector: “A… military parade?”

The Revolutionary (looks at Andrea): “A queen. Every king must have a beautiful queen.”

Hector: “…”

Andrea: “oh… I… .am flattered. But I really prefer the countryside…Besides, my career…”

The Revolutionary: “You will be the brightest shining star of Colombia. I will have monuments built to celebrate the temple of your beauty! The fire of your passion and wisdom will illuminate the people. Ever since I first saw you…”

Hector: “Ahem! I don’t think…”

The Revolutionary (to Hector): “Shut up.”

47-as-Mansion-Guard (whispering to Hector): “Boss. You just gonna let him do that?”

The Revolutionary holds Andrea Martinez’s hand as if to kiss it.

The Revolutionary: "Tomemos una copa y ya veremos, mi pareja de baile "

Andrea: “Oh… esta excitas…”

Hector: “QUE TE LA PIQUE UN POLLO!” pounces on The Revolutionary


47-as-Mansion-Guard: “I think it’s a chokehold, ma’am.”


Diana: “Target eliminated. Time to make an exit.”



Haven’t IOI mentioned ETs intetacting with main targets is unlikely cause they have to change their routes and get the same voice actors for them?

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Don’t pour cold water on my fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Anyone recognize the background from the photo? That usually gives a good hint.

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Must be in the hostel, a village home or the village bar. Can’t be the shanty town, the walls are plaster and it is not the mansion since the light fixtures are too old to be in his mansion

My first thought was that this bloke will be occupying Andrea’s office at least some of the time. We know it’s rare for all targets to be in the village at the same time, so Andrea may not even be in the ET, the justification being that this is a completely different time to the main mission.

And ETs did interact with main targets sometimes - the Pharmacist did.


Technically that is a village house.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Seriously I would have assumed he was an ex-revolutionary now working security for the cartel or is working on a false flag operation to help cement cartel control of a part of Colombia


currently checking all the lamps in the level

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This’ll be my first ET of H2 (I’m getting the Gold Edition for Christmas, so I hope that the Explosive Pen will be unlockable again at a later date) and I am 100% getting S/A for this, the world could be burning around me and I wouldn’t care.

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cant find this single lamp for the life of me

Gee, that sucks. But the Pharmacist did interact with Dalia Margolis during her mission, so there’s still hope, so there is a chance the Revolutionary will be meeting one of our not-targets.

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i have determined that this lamp does not exist. maybe we’ll get another “changed” area like conference room in The Undying?


Looks a lot more like this guy from Prison Break



What about the shield-like ornament beside the lamp?

My first guess was that this was Andrea’s house.

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I would like to point out since I am an asshole that does this sort of thing: that is a light fixture and NOT a lamp


not in her house. the shield isn’t anywhere either

unless some1 can find it for me

Never liked how it was done, in that mission they used a completely different actress for Dalia, with a voice that didn’t even sound like the original actress.

Just imagine the Revolutionary meeting with Andrea Martínez, and when she talks it’s her old American voice from the auction in Paris instead of her new actress.

I’d rather have ETs not talk to the main campaign targets for this reason.

Quite the resume.


You the word “That” is not an invitation to meme right?

You are right Sean Bean should have voiced all the new ETs.

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Pretty cool target but oh boy. Gonna have to wait till next year to get back my Absolution Suit :bear::frowning:

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