HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #3: The Appraiser (25 January 2019)


Arrives January 25th (tomorrow), lasts for 10 days.

:memo: List of Elusive Targets Threads
Prepping for my first Elusive Target

this is the background of the image


here’s a practice contract around that area (PC)


Escalation: The Marinello Motivation

That picture is so immersive


Huh, I thought she would be one of the guest. Well that explains her not wearing a mask.

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@Tiki2970 is right about her: she indeed looks a bit like Edna Mode from The Incredibles. Wonder if we are killing her because she gave a price to a property that the client didn’t like.

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Great I just got to Mumbai.


Excited for this. I will be for all ETs, really, they are new to me and I like the concept.

She looks kinda like a smug bitch with that fur coat and “appraiser” title, but we shall see.

Last ET I feel like I cheated since it was a KO fest, and Faba felt engineered to be a bit easy. Hopefully this is a balance.

To top it off, I hate sgail. So it really adds to the challenge


I’m just finishing Whittleton Creek now, completely unfamiliar with Sgail so this will be interesting.

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cant wait.
my favorite map from hitman 2


Edna Mode

Many of her clients have died from capes, dahling. So now she must pay, yes?



can’t wait.
The best map from Hitman 1 & 2.


Time to grind on this mission to get more familiar with it. I’ve only played it (the whole level) once from my first play through. Might be another poison (drink) kill. Emetic might not work if she has a personal bodyguard. Other possibilities are falling objects, maybe a push over an edge. Subdue and dump isn’t always reliable since the unconscious body can be seen while falling, and that’d mess up SA. (Eh, I think. Might be wrong on that.)

Her assumed path would be where the antiques and other boxed ‘artifacts’ are, even the gallery. I do hope she doesn’t go into that one area where the Constant seems to follow you into for no apparent reason. Not that that’d matter. Just don’t kill her there.

I can’t help but to think there’ll be an additional objective. Like retrieving data, or memory stick, etc. or whatever.


Reminds me Pirates of the Caribbean franchise :slight_smile:


Any of you beautiful bastards already make one of these for the ol’ Xbone?


She must be there to assess the value of the painting. Isn’t this near the Clean Energy Meeting area?


No I think that is the storage facility near the helipad. Why would they let some rando mill about their Stonecutter meetings?


Eventhough Isle of Sgail is decent at best, and far from being an actual good map, i am looking forward to this ET.

Lets just hope they don’t block off starting locations

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What about Sgail… What do you dislike about it?


She looks like that family relative that you don’t know that hugs you too much

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