HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #3: The Appraiser (25 January 2019)

I got like 25 SAs last season. Now I’m 2 for 3 and I don’t have the suits haha. That’s why I love this game though.


No videos of people’s runs uploaded yet? Come on people stop slacking.

Unfortunately, since I failed that absolute letdown the Revolutionary, no Absolution suit for me. Let’s hope the Next ET is on Mumbai


As I said:


Unfortunately Jamison doesn’t have unique dialogue for if you disguise yourself as Nathaniel Blake

Also does anyone know if Sophia has always made a phone call about an anthropologist or is that new?

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How much, appraiser ?


Imagine if someone acted like 47 did in this video. Straight away everyone would be like what are you doing, why are you climbing out that window sir :joy:. Nice run, thanks for making it easier for me to SA. There is still a good chance I will screw it all up.

Finally! Took me longer then i want to admit.

Took the easy option. The Cigarette one

I can by the way confirm that if you kill a target, and press alt+f4 the ET is still available.
Got SA and got two suits. The absolution one and the level-based one.

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Giving me access to 2 coins in chapel and 3 body containers in next room makes it too easy to knock out everyone. Well, another ET, another poison kill.

How did you get her over there? :smiley:

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Some magic :slight_smile:


Well, this is the second time I blew SA on something stupid. If you’ve completed all objectives undetected, don’t go for a harder exit just for fun. :wink:


This was a pretty fun one. A lot better than the Revolutionary, with a solid mix of objectives that adds a little tension but doesn’t shake the mission up that much. Not quite The Undying but that’s to be expected since the Undying was very high effort.


tbh, when an ET is soooo easy, the tempation to over complicate things is too damn high.

Agreed. I went to get my starting suit back and everything, like an idiot.


I was going to blast through this before the school run with a gallery start and an accident kill. However it was really good, so I decided to spend a little bit more time on something SO with the Broadsword.

Fair play to whoever put this one together; I’ve been critical of gameplay and quality of some of the recent content, but this was right up there in terms of options and play styles. :hearts:


I’d say the lock pick a lot more useful in H2 than in H1 because of the BC nerf and the fact that there’s a lot more locked doors. However for speed running it’s still probably not that useful because it’s just easier to find a more efficient route since lockpiciking takes ages. For normal play it’s a must though now imo


Not going to lie this was a shit show for me. I rushed and got spotted after collecting the document so that was restart 1. The second run I punched her in the face instead of poisoning her and that was restart 2. Third time was the charm and I got SA, don’t think pulling my plug out twice did my PS4 any good though haha.

Which plug exactly is this that you can pull?