HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #3: The Appraiser (25 January 2019)

I don’t even care anymore, the game is garbage. I would be so ashamed if i was an io developer, what a piece of trash


Stop playing it then. And stop complaining about it in this thread.


First time i mentioned it in this thread. And who are you even to tell me to stop. Just be quiet

I warned you in the “getting prepped” topic!! Rookie mistake :rage:

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This thread is about the ET. If you hate the game then trash it in a new thread and stop playing it if you hate it so much.


Shame to hear you think that since you were so positive for much of Season 1. Can I ask why you’re so disappointed with the game so far (besides the failure to fix the never spotted bug, I’d totally agree that they really dropped the ball on that one and communication has been really poor about it seeing as it’s so major)


Because the game crashed 5 times in 20 minutes. So i can’t properly play and experiment with the ET. Hence im annoyed as fuck.


I made about 4 dry runs (i.e. gathered intel) to see what was possible, and decided on this relatively easy method.

I say “relatively easy” due to the only remote risk is in the chapel where the enforcer is. If I had to do this differently - I’d stay in the ‘Blend In’ spot, and waited till I got the notification… and edited out the waiting for a shorter video.


Damn is PC that bad for everyone? Sorry to hear that. I know you love this game and it sucks when something you payed for doesn’t work the way it should.

From what i’ve read it seems to mostly affect pc players that have a rtx graphics card. I don’t know much about computer stuff at all, i only know that its only hitman that keeps on crashing, nothing else.


Is it an invidia-problem then? They released new drivers today. Anyone tried those?
Im using an ati-card myself.

Hope it gets sorted for you ASAP. It’s really bad when game breaking stuff takes so long to get fixed.

It’s a problem between HITMAN and nvidia, again i never encounter this with any other game. It’s on IO’s side, and it’s been going on for way too long

Thanks, just ignore my ranting, im just really angry because of this bullshit.


I understand you so much, I had the same problem with previous ET with my RTX2080 :

Do you still have your old GTX970 ?

After almost 3 months, IOI acknowledged this issue on steam forum and conversations are ongoing internally at IOI and also with Nvidia. We need an emergency hotfix about this issue.

Whew, these ET’s have been painfully simplistic so far. Oh well, at least I’ve finally unlocked the Absolution Suit.

Wish the tuxedo didn’t have the mask :expressionless:


I still yearn for proper customization in this series, particularly with the guns and outfits. Why not just give me a generic tuxedo to mess with how I want? Mask, no mask, buttoned, unbuttoned, simple options like that.


SA 3/5 for winter suit.
started at the chapel. went down the stairs. i turned off a generator and took the disguise

then went inside the room to get the book. then back out to set up my trap

while i was waiting for her to go there and smoke a cigarette i walked down to the exit
and subdued a guard for an easy exit

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