HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #3: The Appraiser (25 January 2019)


I got her w/ a chandelier accident in the gallery where she meets Blake. Basically, hit the two power switches, pistol shot to the wall behind the elite guard, coin distraction for Blake, then shot the chandelier for the kill.

I made it harder than it was, but for me an enjoyable ET.



:joy::ok_hand:t3: Thanks mate, mucho appreciato.

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After when game said you “failed” trick with disconnect internet doesn’t work.



I know, but I guess since you didn’t know that, now it’s a learning lesson - don’t EVER exit to menu unless you’ve yet to complete an objective.



Elusive Target #3 - The Appraiser - Dialogue



Oh shit this ET was before the main mission. That was unexpected.



Well, this was a nice reminder why I have distrust in appraisers, accountants and bankers. Still, she is pretty interesting as a target. Her bio makes her look like she started like an important person in her field but escalated even more after the death of hes husband and ended doing more dirty work. I find funny that if Pryce didn’t took the ICA contract first, she would be likely the client in this mission and Pryce the target, but not before she took down all his fortune.

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Well I think if I have the full story she did try to ruin Damien Hirst’s career so she can’t really be all bad.:joy:

Also accountants, bankers and appraisers but no lawyers? How much Hitman have you played?



Lawyers, judges, politicians…
Anyway, nice target. Velma and Edna Mode combined has to be my favourite ET right now. Gotta wait and see what comes next, hopefully in Mumbai.



I always said a cross between Mode and Joan Rivers. I hope Whittleton gets the next one.



I really hope not. I want the Imperial Classic first. The suit with missing buttons can wait.



Well I want the Suburban Suit. It would be the only outfit that matches the damn gloves. Also the Imperial Classic makes 47 look like a nerd.



OK I did what I wanted to do. :smiley: Will cut the video after some sleep, gonna post it later the weekend.

Here a little teaser with what I made use of:




That’s for what you have the Absolution Suit now. Whatever it is, maybe the Creek is next because maybe IO would deem and ET in Mumbai too hard for how big the map is. And I don’t think 47 looks like a nerd. Looks cool but I’ll change the shoes to black or chocolate brown.

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I’d change the vest or the tie also I don’t have the Abs suit because I missed the revolutionary and botch this ET. I just think that our first Whittleton Creek ET will be someone unexpected or bat-shit unpredictable.



47 seems like he should have a devious grin on his face.

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It’s s parody of an American suburb so maybe we are taking out an Scout leader, a clown, or any other person who happens to be caucasian, has a creepy ass and rigid smile and behaves with way too kind (but quite erratic) actions. Whatever, blueberry muffins with brains for everyone!

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Oh I was thinking anal retentive and delusional, paranoid Homeowner Association Chief. But deluded, outdoorsy Nolan 2.0 Scout Leader is appealing.



Another appraiser! Or even a furry who grows mind controlling weed.

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I guess we could have a psychotically competitive real estate broker. I have no fucking clue where this furry idea came from but I don’t think that quite suits the level, also THAT idea is extreme even for me.

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