HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #3: The Appraiser (25 January 2019)


well the Buck’s house would be perfect for that :’)



Are you telling me that would be extreme in a franchise with lots of bird suits and a chipmunk costume? Creek is perfect for the bizarre, out of place and mindfuckery in its purest forms!



True but the chipmunk was a one-off gag and the flamingos were mascots (oh and the Ravens and others were Mardi Gras costumes). Besides if my hunch is right I think my idea for the overzealous Homeowner Associate will be the one they use when we go up Whittle Creek.



Is there any special thing that can be done with Blake Nathanial? Like are there any special dialogues if you disguise as him and meet with the Appraiser? And what about the golden idol in the chapel?

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Not that I could find, I messed about with both. The idol was illegal for Blake to pick up anyway



Damn, felt like there could be a good opportunity there. Just off the top of my head, imagine if you disguised as Blake and grabbed the idol, where Jamison would privately apprehend you for ‘spoiling the surprise’. Then maybe you could kick her off the castle or drop a gibbet on her or something. Something like that’d be cool.



Yeah, I tried a bunch of things too. That single crate in the chapel was so enticing I was convinced it had a purpose. I placed the idol in places she would see it, but she didn’t respond. Who knows, though. I wouldn’t put it past IOI to have had an Easter egg in there somewhere.



Oh I certainly think we ‘suprised’ her alright :wink:

EDIT: you can’t really tell but that’s the gold idol



I like how all people 47 knocks out always have a surprised expression. It is like they some how knew a clone assassin just hitting them in the head



And yet only one chance to do them unless you cheat/have separate profiles.

After completing all 26 ETs in S1, I become more and more frustrated at them being one shot - so much creativity is just wasted right now since it’s easier to do the most boring and cheap method to get the suits that require SA.



Picking suits over a cool kill is your decision though



It’s up to IO to make me choose between creativity and rewards instead of rewarding creativity.

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But who’s stopping you of killing a target with the most creative way you came up with?



The fact that ET is one shot and I get no rewards if something goes bad - e.g. Winter Suit.

Between risk and efficiency, I choose efficiency.

Problem is, latest ETs all have preset easy kills and the more efficient way becomes the most boring one unlike S1 ETs where I felt my creative urge satisfied with targets being neither hard nor easy.



Plus, I do not favor switching off ethernet cable like so many people here do while setting up the most creative kills.

At this point, I do not make memories like I did in S1 when I really was choosing how to kill a target.



Well, if speaking about creativity, we all are limited with the game possibilities.
E.g. you can’t kill a target with throwing it under a train or of the plane, etc



We are being limited by not being able to replay ETs after completion. Make the first try count towards the suits and then unlock the mission for players to have fun.

Imagine all the great videos and creative kills in S1 if we had Hokkaido items from the get go or S2 items in them?

But, sadly, we didn’t. Only during replays people who bought the game later or created separate profiles were able to utilize new items. I wasn’t able since I played them all the first time around.

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It breaks my heart, but it’s only fair that I share my failures too. They don’t come much bigger than failing SA on an ET. I thought that I had planned route this so thoroughly, but somehow I managed to get a non-target kill with the chandelier drop.

Elusive Target #3 - The Appraiser - FAILED SA/Suit Only (1.52)



Ouch that hurts. I guess lesson’s learned to keep xp option on so you can see if a non target gets killed in a future ET

I failed this one by blowing myself up with a rubberduck. I shouldn’t have played when I was drinking :persevere:



True. I can only blame myself for taking risks, but that’s how I like to play. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It still doesn’t make it any easier to stomach, but I failed SA twice on Hitman 2016.

I’m really sorry to hear about your duckie accident. :frowning: