HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #3: The Appraiser (25 January 2019)


Breaks my heart you missed SA Euler, hope you’re ok … :broken_heart:

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This was a nice ET, better that the previous 2 IMO


I wonder why you’ve been compromised in a detailed scores…


What a noob this euler guy <3


I’m just guessing that the new “Never Compromised” score is a catch-all for something went wrong. IOI said this score was a temporary measure until they are able to properly address/fix the broken scoring system.

@Fortheseven: :stuck_out_tongue:


But this is bullshit no matter how you spin it


Flying Big One Kill


Nice one.
I want to comment why you couldn’t shoot open the door.
All appearances you used a silenced gun for it. Silenced guns does not open doors.
Only loud ones do

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Thanks for the comment :slight_smile:
The statement is not true however. You can see at the beginning of the video I open a door with a silenced SMG. This one couldn’t open the door I was picking later.


HWK 21, Dak 12 and ICA19 F/A, all silenced can also open up locked doors

That was siiick


One hour, thats how long I spent collecting the notebook, and killing the appraiser…

… One hour. Well, at least now I get to enjoy my new suit, right? Riiight?

… I collected the notebook, and I took out Ms Jamison (what a stupid last name!) but I couldn’t make it till the exit without cocking things up! So no new suit for me, and mission failed. BLAAST!!!


Just remember, most speedrunners have more than one account, so they can afford going crazy during the ET’s, but for us with one account and want all the suits have to play accordingly, which is as safe as possible.


Well you can still do both. So there’s really no excuse for that, right?


Just did my blind #TeamNoRestarts run, and was very pleasantly surprised to find an opportunity for a nice easy SA kill (target smokes near a gas tank which can be sabotaged to create an oil spill). Found the notebook after following the target on her route and then setup the kill. Easier than I expected a Sgail ET to be, but I’m not complaining.

Season 2 record now stands at:

Played = 3
Completed = 3
Completed SA = 2
Failed = 0


Not in an aggressive way, but fuck off, dude. :smile: Try actually FAILING an ET (not just not achieving an SA rank) and then come back here and talk about disappointment.

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Hmm, But that’s kinda irrelevant because you can still do whatever you want with one account. It just depends what you want out of an et. If you want that no restart experience, then fine, but then that compromises the whole “elusive” experience if you’re asking to play it again. If you want to open up your opportunities, restarts are needed to get the kill you want. You don’t need more than one account. You can just get your kill, get to the exit and restart (Ethernet trick) as many times as you want. Why does one need to exit if one wants to play again, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t even make vids for others to watch?


I wouldn’t trust the pull eternet cable trick when it comes to gaming consoles, if you mess up and pull out the cable you can’t be 100% (I know I wouldn’t at least) sure you will be okay, that’s why it’s better to have some mess around accounts and one account where you are serious about making it out alive and succeed.

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shit, at least you beat it.


watch this video and cringe at how bad i am. #norestarts


Next time better use the EMP Charge. Legal in all ways except when thrown.