HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #3: The Appraiser (25 January 2019)


Wait, I forgot there is hanging cage in that area. I wonder if someone uses it to kill. Or better yet, if it possibe to time flying explosive so that it drops it on distracted target.


That is possible in theory. Currently the RFID mine is special as it does not explode form nearby explosions. You can try to make if fly on that cage while you have to manage to get the RFID coin on it.

I surely make use of that some day. :slight_smile: Just maybe not on this map.


i wish i had known that earlier. i just assumed the taser was legal since i was disguised as a guard.


I think the problem here was the trigger. Triggering such stuff counts as illegal in some cases. I am sure @Nakar did some testing of that in the past.


As Urben says: triggering it in front of everyone (specially when they were in their state where they focus on you after dropping something) was the problem. No problem triggering non suspicious items, however, such as the duckies.


Sadly I failed this one, my first in hitman 2 where I didn’t get SA.

It was going very well, I went in blind as usual and quickly found the book…

Took me a while to find her, or more accurately her and her enforcer walked through a door behind me right where I was crouched and went hostile on me immediately.

My bad luck and lack of familiarity with the map basically caused me to die in a hail of bullets…

It’s fun though. Shame that it’s such a penalty missing out on the decent rewards tied to completing these everytime, but the all or nothing concept makes it very interesting.


@scat1620: I hear you. It’s all relative and I can’t imagine the pain of seeing that ugly failed tile on my Hitman screen. :disappointed_relieved: Sorry if I annoyed anyone with my comment.

I couldn’t let this ET get the better of me, so I went back with one of my alt accounts and did a back to basics run (using nothing more than the default starting location, default gear and anything else that can be found in the map). I dedicate this run to anyone who failed to complete this ET in any way at all.

Elusive Target #3 - The Appraiser - Back To Basics - Suit Only (2.48)


There’s a restart button.


Not after you’ve picked up the book. Once you do one of the objectives you’ve got to finish it one way or another.


So that one’s on you.


Not really. It’s the first ET with objectives so I didn’t know I couldn’t pick it up. Like I say, I play blind and don’t check out the strategies here so I didn’t know.

Regardless, restarting kinda defies the point of it anyway.


It’s that way for both of us, but I knew not to pick it up until I knew my strat.

I admit, I asked where the book was as I was getting impatient. Nothing more.

So are you a part of team #NoRestarts (@scat1620 is the only member I know of)? I assumed you would have mentioned this earlier if so. And if so, disregard my statements


The game told you, sorry mate. Well now you are aware of it. :slight_smile:


Used the elite guard disguise acquired by using the gramophone outside the security room. Dropped a gun and got in to the security room to grab the exit flare.

Didn’t bother to notice she would ignite the oil herself so I coined her over and tossed the flare while tucked into the corner opposite the oil tank. Unsure if it’s suspicious to throw but I caught no bullets on the way to the book and out fortunately.

Enjoyed it but I felt it didn’t ask much of the player unless you wanted to complicate it on your own terms.


Me neither, I used an EMP to light that bitch up

Couldn’t have said it better

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As I am still not at all confident with the Borgesian labyrinths of Sgail, I just dropped an explosive phone in front of her. She didn’t pick up, so I detonated it and ran off. An innocent got killed in the blast and all.

The phone is my last resort for targets I can’t afford to take risks with. It’s never failed me. A must for an ET if you want to pass first and foremost.

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You oughta give poison a shot mate.

Way OP, you don’t have to hide the body. It takes a step out of everything


I know. It’s pretty OP. That’s why it’s a last resort.

Poison is actually my favourite method. But for this ET, it was pretty risky, as out of the two bar/waiter disguises, the “elite” one with access to more areas is very hard to get. I went in to this ET blind, so didn’t know where she’d be going. I meant to do a reconnaissance run first, but ended up completing it. :wink:


Agreed. There is the syringe as well, although what you say applies to that also.

So you completed on your first run? Impressive.

Once I get 5 SAs I will start getting silly with these ETs

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In my mind I find it better to kill the target first, because in most times that’s the hardest part.