HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #3: The Appraiser (25 January 2019)


I wouldn’t call it a “trick”, it’s just disconnecting from the internet. You don’t even have to physically remove anything. Just go into options on your console and disconnect from internet. Go back into the game as it will prompt you to either go to menu or retry connection. Just go to menu and then reconnect to internet, then log back in to connect to the hitman servers.

People that do it and have a failed target must be doing something wrong becuse the game is already programmed to not fail you if you lose connection even after completing an objective. This was implemented when the season one servers were so bad and ppl lost connection after an objective was completed and that would instantly remove you from the server and give no ability to reconnect. Insta-main menu and fail.

But if one is not trusting of this method then ya, just use alt accounts.


Not to mention, going off-line could happen at any random time. So what if it happened while playing an ET? /rhetorical


1st, doing a blind no restart is nothing to be feeling bad about. It’s a great experience, especially when things go to shits.

2nd, after you dropped like 10 guys and you had a good few seconds of nobody coming, all I was thinking was “THE BIN!! THE BIN!! HIDE IN THE BIN!!!”

And then you did…:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


i wish i had thought of that sooner, but i was so scared of taking more damage


I don’t know what happens, but I’m scared s***less every time I have finished 1 objective in 2 objectives ET’s, so I want to kill the target as soon as possible, because I don’t want to find out what happens if I loose internet connection :grimacing: :grinning:.


There are two sides. One where all people who do this trick say it is working just fine, and the side of doubt burning through all trust to the first side. :smiley:

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You know, hindsight and all but… I think you should’ve tried to hide in the freezer and wait till everyone has calmed down.

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And at no point did I complain about it. Not sure why people are ganging up on me. I’m fine missing out on this one.

Sure I could come here and watch videos and make it so I can’t lose, but where’s the fun in that?

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Not particularly, but I feel getting the answer from here then restarting until you win is a little cheap. I’d rather play it properly and lose myself, but each to their own.

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Chill dude I just linked the pop up message to inform you what happened.


So as I said earlier, this is your own fault.

As I also said, I only solicited the location of the notebook from here. If I were patient enough, I would have found it as it was on her route. She was hard enough to locate though.

My mind was thinking: what if it’s not on her route? I don’t want to spend another hour looking for a stupid book.

So are you a part of #TeamNoRestarts, or not? Answer me.


I managed to steel her notebook then blow her up with the gas container :joy:


Wasn’t having a go mate, no need to apologise. Just found you wording funny, is all. :+1:

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Glacier’s hardware support has been iffy ever since the earlier games.

My personal rule of thumb is to buy “one line below top of the line” at most. The games still look pretty and the hardware support is stable and known.


@Niobium - stay strong, brother, you’re doing the lord’s work as part of #TeamNoRestarts. Our occasional fails make the completions and especially the SAs that much more rewarding. I’m sure I’ll be joining you in having the odd blemish on my record come the end of the S2 Elusives - 2x fails in the S1 Elusives suggest I will.

Hope you had fun on this one regardless - and it will definitely be one you can get a decent annecdote out of - and sure you’ll cane the next ET that comes up whenever they surface.

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I don’t own an RTX Card. I have 2x 980 Ti’s. I’m not dumb enough to buy an RTX card - considering RTX is a big of a gimmick right now and not many games support it.

A lot of people with 9xx and 10xx cards are getting the crashes as well…

…so it AIN’T my fault.


As others have already said, credit is always due when someone plays an ET with no restarts.

You might not get all the suits as quickly as others, but you have the elusive “Real Man” Trophy, IMO.



@Niobium I get into this situation frequently when playing Featured Contracts as I don’t respect restrictions (just grinding my way towards Featured Contract rewards) so not that interested in restarting or SA. Particularly the “do not pacify” restriction for me just means everybody I need to pacify will be killed. :stuck_out_tongue:

I basically play No Restarts style on Featured Contracts as a result since the grind to get to even the Wrench is so long I’d rather kill everything on the map than do it all again.

In your video, I think when you had time to go for a new gun, you could have also gone for a new disguise.

Anyone who is a part of #TeamNoRestarts should also occasionally practice Mass Murderer runs and how to end them. You will need to defend yourself at some point if this is how you play the game.


I had a good time with this one. Killed her SASO with a chandelier and micro explosive.


Actually the disguise change is more valuable. With that many dead bodies, any new guards that arrive on the scene tend to have heightened awareness and will just drill you in the bin. But if you get the disguise, you can walk away.

In fire fights I also tend not to rely on the bins/boxes… I’ve died too many times from guards being too smart. If I fail to change disguises in time… better to continue killing towards another costume type than to try for the bin/box.

If I fail to change into something suitable stop after stop and I’m still alive… that basically means I’ve killed everything on the map… lol.

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