HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #3: The Appraiser (25 January 2019)

I think part of the reason why s1 elusives feel so special is because Torben wrote them. I hope we get to play them again, even if we can’t get the Wildcard back.


Because they weren’t designed that way. If they bring them back, the whole “elusive” element and what made them so unique is now gone and they just become regular targets. But nah, I never played for the suits, I played for the experience. I couldn’t care less about the suits to be honest.

@rattleshnake Torben did do an excellent job

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Torben was good, but @Nick_IO is doing a great job! love the writing of all the ETs so far


Yeah I’ve really enjoyed every H2 et so far, they feel like a very natural continuation.

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Oh I didn’t know that. This Nick is the one who writes the biographys on the targets now?

I also like how Nick referenced at least one artist. Even if it is Hirst.:joy:

Wait, I’m lost… what now? Lol

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Damien Hirst is an English artist. Miranda mentions that no-one has been interested in skulls since Hirst. Hirst made a diamond encrusted skull as part of his portfolio. It should be noted that he was nearly sued for plagiarism


Huh… well how about that… must have missed that dialogue. Interesting. Thanks for the reply!

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I hope too. And maybe they just could change names and faces of the wildcard to be free by agreements with Hollywood actors

I didn’t even finish the main mission for North Atlantic yet and quickly did so. Afterwards, I did one more run of how to reach an elite guard outfit from the chapel start. I figured even if I was unfamiliar with the map, I could go as I pleased in an Elite Guard disguise.

Like others, I lit her on fire with the oil tank but the commotion caused a guard by Mr. Block to turn around and see the incapacitated raider I grabbed along the way. Notebook was in chapel and was no issue. Since SA was ruined, I figured to have fun and escape in my suit which was successful!

A pretty fun ET, decent route to at least experiment and dialogue to boot. Now I can’t wait to explore more of the castle grounds because this might be my favorite map!

Oh I guess count me in for team #NoRestarts! I didn’t do that for some of the H1 ETs but I am 3/3 for H2.

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As it was in previous ET’s… the video briefing reveals a lot of details. Watch it carefully…
It shows the ledger in the Chapel. :wink:

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They should replace both the licenced actors in The Wildcard with Sean Bean! :stuck_out_tongue:
“47… your target, the real Mark Faba, is wearing a unique SAS commemorative ring…” :laughing:

That’s why I do my dialogue videos, attempting to capture all of the conversations for each ET. Be sure to check them out.


Thanks! I’ve only written two ETS - The Undying and The Appraiser but I’m really happy you guys like them!


Keep up the good work guys. You guys deserve it.:grinning:

You call a broken game,good work’’ ?

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Bugs eventually get fixed, 2016 was just as buggy. I was generally rewarding IO’s in-level and target writing.

I hope you are right

So do I. I have faith but not with out a good measure of reality.