HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #3: The Appraiser (25 January 2019)


I didn’t even finish the main mission for North Atlantic yet and quickly did so. Afterwards, I did one more run of how to reach an elite guard outfit from the chapel start. I figured even if I was unfamiliar with the map, I could go as I pleased in an Elite Guard disguise.

Like others, I lit her on fire with the oil tank but the commotion caused a guard by Mr. Block to turn around and see the incapacitated raider I grabbed along the way. Notebook was in chapel and was no issue. Since SA was ruined, I figured to have fun and escape in my suit which was successful!

A pretty fun ET, decent route to at least experiment and dialogue to boot. Now I can’t wait to explore more of the castle grounds because this might be my favorite map!

Oh I guess count me in for team #NoRestarts! I didn’t do that for some of the H1 ETs but I am 3/3 for H2.

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As it was in previous ET’s… the video briefing reveals a lot of details. Watch it carefully…
It shows the ledger in the Chapel. :wink:

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They should replace both the licenced actors in The Wildcard with Sean Bean! :stuck_out_tongue:
“47… your target, the real Mark Faba, is wearing a unique SAS commemorative ring…” :laughing:



That’s why I do my dialogue videos, attempting to capture all of the conversations for each ET. Be sure to check them out.



Thanks! I’ve only written two ETS - The Undying and The Appraiser but I’m really happy you guys like them!



Keep up the good work guys. You guys deserve it.:grinning:



You call a broken game,good work’’ ?

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Bugs eventually get fixed, 2016 was just as buggy. I was generally rewarding IO’s in-level and target writing.



I hope you are right



So do I. I have faith but not with out a good measure of reality.



But you know I would prefer to wait another month so the game will be fully tested and polished and the biggest major bugs gets fixed before the release…



And I also want IO too take time with the patch so IO don’t break anymore of the game. Having IO be strong-armed into patching the game has not worked. What we should do is just wait politely.



That would be a miracle



Anyone else cheaped out and followed a Mr. Freeze tutorial for this ET?

I would have done this without any guidance but I really didn’t want to risk missing out the classic suit and AC Odyssey really grabbed my attention as of late. :joy:

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It sounds like Trump wrote that for you haha!
You’d make a terrible doctor :joy: Worse than 47, even :wink:



I have done previously :joy: I really like his videos TBH



I did watch the briefing indeed but i think my mind was clouded with visions of that absolution suit :joy:

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Holy fuckin shit it does!!! :tired_face: Oh my God, that was so not my intention but now that you said that, I read my post in his voice and WOW…I’m totally ashamed. Laughing my ass off right now… but ashamed. :joy:



Bullshit… it’s been 2 1/2 months and they didn’t even acknowledge the crash to desktop bug in their upcoming patch notes - they’ve gotten the money from all the poor bastards who were dumb enough to shell out for the money in advance (myself included)…

…being patient just make it seems like they can get round to fixing it (if they ever do) whenever they want.

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@Piano_ManAgent 47… is the greatest assassin, not just in America, but around the world. He’s the strongest, smartest, greatest guy. Believe me, the best. He’s multi-talented, really, you wouldn’t believe this guy. Great carpenter. He made Melania a bird box… you gotta see this thing. Better than any other carpenter’s work. Hands down. He can cook, the best cooking you’ve ever had in your life. To die for. Honestly, just incredible. I’m a big fan.

  • President Trump, 2019