HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #3: The Appraiser (25 January 2019)


I did this blind last night - as in, I’ve never set foot in Isle of Sgàil before - no research, no restarts, no minimap, no instinct.

Wow, this is an awesome map, and very daunting looking up to the heights of the castle from the starting spot! I felt like James Bond sauntering into the party in my tux and poking around.

After a lot of wandering I made my way through the sewers and crypt, picking up a caretaker uniform on the way. I finally found the target in the gallery, then went up to the mezzanine where I saw the handy chandelier hovering over the adventurer guy’s head. I knew this would be my method. As Belloq would certainly die in my assassination attempt, I gave up on the idea of SA and fibred and dumped the two NPCs on the mezzanine level who would hear my silenced pistol shot at the chandelier support.

The hit went to plan. On my way down, I suddenly remembered I had to get the notebook as well. Doh! I went over to where the bodies where being bagged to see if they dropped any clues. Sure enough, I found the chapel key and recalled I’d been up the chapel tower about 20 minutes earlier.

After a close shave with an enforcer, I knocked out the NPCs in the chapel and made a hasty exit out the nearby sewer entrance.

I was very pleased with that, and adored every second! I love waiting until there is an Elusive to do these Hitman 2 maps. It feels so pure.



LMFAO dude, just stop, I can’t even… :joy::joy::joy:

I’m done! Hahaha that’s spot on, man!! :rofl:



@doom-generation not to derail the thread, but real quick…

You should seriously consider making a video of Trump saying something about 47. Something like this…

You’re just too damn good at it :laughing:



Heh, I’d love to, but I don’t have video editing software, nor a computer capable of running it right now. Laptop died months back and haven’t gotten round to getting a replacement yet. Nice idea though :blush:

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Ah, that’s a shame, that would be hilarious to see lol Maybe some day then… I have no doubts that you would do a phenomenal job with it




Keep on fighting the system! #TeamNoIWont



The best lessons are the ones we get from trying to be cute.


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I had a lot of fun with this one. Saw her smoking next to the tank, and I was happy to see it was tamperable. So I found a wrench…


3 years later, and the tie is still clipping through the suit.

Also did anyone notice this is the first time Diana pointed out an ET? “That is [The Appraiser whose name I’m too lazy to look up]”



ET: It’s Miranda ‘Mama Jama’ Jamison, honey!



fuck me, wrong thread




Damn, things didn’t go according to plan guys. But she dead.



I fucked up. I lured every guard out, took the notepad and then got caught by her personal bodyguard as i was trying to do the same to him. By this point I already had the notepad so I had no choice but to commit to the run. I casually walked up behind her and shot her in the back of the head, and then made for the exit.

Kinda annoyed to lose SA but at least I have that silly suit with gloves to wear… on no other level ever cuz it looks out of place as heck,. lel



This was the closest yet. As I said before, although I don’t think I restarted - or possibly once, after a few seconds, to grab the explosive phone - I ended up compromising at least three disguises!



Considering how the majority killed “The Appraiser” I found Miranda’s official theme song… :fire::fire::fire:



For dessert: Janus’ revenge




Well I mean that’s not even the fetch trick, that’s a lure! Not cheap at all.

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it wont work if you toss or throw it. only works with placing it. so i call it as cheap fetch:)



it’s not fetch if you’re just placing it on the ground and he goes for it, that’s just regular placing distraction :stuck_out_tongue:
neat run tho!:ok_hand: