HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #3: The Appraiser (25 January 2019)


IMO, this one seems more appropriate. :smile:



Haha true it does. Anything with fire am I right? :fire::joy:

I should have played this during my play through lol

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The Appraiser by Chandelier - (0:45) - SA



Finally got to play this, just a few hours before she abandoned us.

This ET was fine, but a little modest. It felt like a season 1 ET. Nothing wrong with that, but the previous two were more ambitious and bigger in scope. Mark Faba had an opportunity and a new named NPC wearing a unique outfit, and the Revolutionary had random starting points and would broadcast all over the level with NPCs commenting on the show. I was kinda hoping that this scope would be the new normal and we’d get something mechanically new with each ET. Especially since they’re so infrequent now. Ah well.



I won’t call The Revolutionary, well, a revolutionary ET in terms of functionality. Entertaining randomization in his starting point and his interaction with the TVs around the level but that’s it. Tasteless route and all that jazz. The Appraiser was way better with her route and also there were some changes to the level that went as far as to the starting point at the bay. In any case, right now I think more highly of these 3 ETs in H2 than many of the ones in S1, specially since the revamp (both for better and worse) on certain game mechanics.

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I liked this better.



Gahh I like the one where some guy makes him sing “Once In A Lifetime”



How about this one?

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Yeah I have seen that one. Gold.:joy: On that note has anyone made him sing Spandau Ballet’s Gold?

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They definitely seem better designed and have stories that seem to merit a killing.



Indeed. I mean, most of ETs in S1 had a rushed feeling and were more like an excuse to fill the schedule. Here, even if it’s a bit of a bummer to wait so long for one, at least are more dedicated, both in gameplay (except the Revolutionary with it’s Chameleon route) and story.

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She almost slipped through my fingers! With mere hours left, I eliminated that scalawag!

Feels good to have my Absolution Suit back!



Sure, but I wasn’t really commenting on route quality… just novelty. That’s what I was disappointed about. We’ve had almost thirty ETs so far… they need something that really punches them up and makes them feel distinctive from now on.

The Revolutionary didn’t play great, but I think it would have really knocked it out the park if you could shoot and break his cameras to make him go to the next one.



Very nice.

I literally took my first steps on Isle of Sgail a few hours ago and had no knowledge of the level. I saw that chandelier and instantly wanted to drop it on her.

I try to find “silent” ways to do it cuz (for me) the explosions and gunshots cut the immersion. Wound up making her blow herself up as I see many have. I gotta make sure I have more time on the next one to really devise a scheme.

Once again, hats off to a flashy and fantastic speed run!

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you damn

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Super late posting this, but I was super late playing it also!



Hey guys!

Also super late for posting, enjoy :wink:

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