HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #3: The Appraiser (25 January 2019)


LMFAO That would be one hell of a Scooby Snack! :joy:


Ah, but remember what we learned from the Revolutionary: The target is never in the area shown in the briefing or in the picture


I think she may hang around the necklace display that the Washingtons were after. Or at least go to see it from time to time


That necklace would be a good killing weapon too. :wink: Appraise that!


I like your thinking! Maybe I’ll try that :smiley:


The Appraiser has to be the ET that losed seriousness in record time. Really, this is the ET that even before release can’t stop being compared to animated cartoon characters. I go for her looking as a mix of Velma and Edna Mode.


Haha man that uncanny! Too funny lol


Someone already mentioned she looks like that relative you hardly know but hugs too much… Well, the glasses do make her look a bit more… mature, to say the least. :older_woman:

up in the years.


Lucas Grey: “… The Ark Society meet here every year…”

47: "And what about The Appraiser?’

Lucas Grey: “The who?”

47: “The Appraiser. That’s the real reason I came here.”

Lucas Grey: “But our childhood. Our revenge…”

47: “Your revenge. My suit.”

Lucas Grey: "Your suit?’

47: “This is a 5,000 dollar suit, Lucas. There’s things in life I’d try to explain to you. But it’s nothing a man in a 20 dollar trench coat would understand.”

Lucas Grey: “…Well… the Constant…”

47: “I’ll get to the Constant, and the Twins when I have the time. First I need the money.”

Lucas Grey: “Right. I’ll be here with the boat.”

47: “And now… a little night music.” Puts on headphones

Lucas Grey: "Huh?’

47: “The Allegro. Mozart? Never mind. You wouldn’t understand.”

47 exits the boat and starts mission as Mozart’s Allegro for Serenade No. 13 in G Major plays



Considering the last one looked like Sagat and the first bore an uncanny resemblance to Sean Bean, perhaps that is the intention?


So if we follow the pattern we have Sean Bean, then Sagat, now we have Joan Rivers so next is Vega?


The backgrounds for images of The Undying were accurate. And so were the images for The Revolutionary, except that in reality we were only shown one of three locations. All three backgrounds appear throughout the Revolutionary’s briefing video.

In season one dataminers were usually able to leak the briefing video ahead of time. We don’t seem to have this capability this time.


Heh. Dunno but as long as they are fun to compare to other characters I’m fine with it. Hopefully the next one will look like Gordon Ramsey or Eddie Murphy.


(Next Elusive Target)

"The Nutty Professor"
Location: Whittleton Creek
Affiliated with: Helen West



I challenge you, @Clover, to kill this woman this way. You must upload a video for proof.

@JJoa74 suggested a fiber wire kill on the last ET and I ran with it, it turned out to be a PIA but I still did it. Carry on the tradition!

lol, Don’t feel obligated, but if you do indeed do it, feel obligated to determine someone else’s ET kill for next time. You can determine suit(only) also if you like


@Clover because you’re a fellow mafioso, you might like the vid I made actually. Skip to 11:00 to see the good stuff:



My current plan: Distract her with coin to edge of pit (with no rails), throw bust at her head and hopefully she falls in. And if she dgaf about coins… well… Shoot a PT next to her from the stairs or a balcony I guess. Or shoot a FE if she gets by the pit. It should send her flying a li’l, but the fall will kill her.


This would be the OG way of taking care of this bitch


Careful with the names… we don’t know what she’s done. :wink: