HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #3: The Appraiser (25 January 2019)


I don’t give a shit what anyone says, you may not like the game but 47’s look in Absolution was the best of the series. I’m with you bro, after I get that Absolution suit it’s on till the break of dawn.


It’s okay… he doesn’t give a shit. :wink:


That is absolutely correct.


as a fellow non-shit-giver, welcome to the family.


Well…That was just mean.

I don’t think having an unpopular opinion makes me an idiot.

Then again, you could just be a dick. I don’t know for sure though, I’m pretty new here.


I ain’t no dick. Sorry for coming off as mean, I suppose thats just me.

Welcome to the HMF, I hope you find welcome, and recompense, and what have you, here… hugs and kisses

Seriously, welcome friend. We’re all here for the same reason, but sometimes ego can get in the way :wink:

Again, welcome!


Hey it’s all good, amigo. As a general rule I don’t sweat the little things, especially if those little things are online lol

I appreciate the welcome! So far everyone has been really cool and helpful ( Yourself included.)
Because of this forum I was able to finally get the legacy pack downloaded and really start having fun with the game.

I really missed my Raven outfit from H1 and was fucking stoked to get it in H2 via the legacy pack. I was late to the party and I’ve only had it for a few days, I’m doing my SASO runs on the original levels to try and get that bad-ass all black suit until I can finally kill enough ET’s to unlock the Absolution suit. I haven’t killed a target yet since i missed the first two, but I’m ready to smoke this Edna Mode looking chick when she shows up haha


Good shit, lmk If you need help. Colorado and Bangkok gave me the most problems

Me too brother. I was thinking poison, but i’m not too sure anymore, there aren’t a ton of drinks in that area


It just bothers me that we don’t have gloves on to begin with. He is a professional who leaves no traces (Except for fingerprints, apparently he makes it rain fingerprints) and I hate that we have to take out 3 ET’s before we actually look like 47 again. That’s why I am glad to have the Raven and hopefully the classic black suit to hold me over until then.

I’m actually following Mr. freezes YouTube vids to try and get it ASAP but i definitely appreciate the offer, man!


This isn’t brought up often enough.

Let me tell you friend, figuring it out for yourself is 10x more rewarding. you’ll know when it happens…


Oh I plan on doing it myself after I have my Absolution outfit and feel like a proper hitman. This is all for the suit haha Seeing 47’s hands upsets me.


Don’t Give Shit! Don’t Give Shit!

Give Love, Not Shit. :wink:


Don’t worry, I didn’t play Miami once until the undying came out. Now THAT was a blind run. Lol.


Officially my personal guru.

Here have some love, you filthy animal <3 <3 <3


Damn lol Did you manage to pull it off? By the time I got the game I had already missed the first two ET’s it sucks so bad! I hate that we can’t replay them.

I think what they should do is make them playable all the time but you only get credit for one elusive target for each one ( so you can’t just play the one you’re the best at 15 times and unlock everything).

It just doesn’t make any sense to spend this time modeling a character, coming up with new cinematics, etc… just to only have one shot at it. I just think that’s lame, but that only my opinion.


Ya but not SA and did get into combat.
Took me nearly 2hrs to complete.


Lmao Luca Brasi :cry:

That’s hilarious man, I like how you went back and forth to Luca and the target during the Fiber Wire animation haha good stuff man!


THIS IS EXCELLENT! But I got a thing against taking contracts on those already passed.


Practice Contract for the Warehouse for anyone interested without restrictions:

Poor Vincent… :stuck_out_tongue::rofl:

Creative & Detailed Hitman 2 Contracts! Please enjoy & review!

Haha Vincent looks a lot like Kurt Donovan, guess he had to find work elsewhere after Novikov’s unfortunate accident :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: