HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #4: The Politician (8 March 2019)

She will be in Hawkes Bay, surprisingly enough. Lasts for 10 days starting March 1st.



Wonder if Alma and Sean 2 will have something important to do with no-friends face lady here. If not, I’ll like to see how she re-uses the house to fit her own style and with an independent security force wich includes new disguises. Still, I’m not too optimistic about this outside being proven wrong about the Bay just being a one-use fancy tutorial.


1st of March arriving date…
Weird. She might’ve arrive on 25-28th of Feb…

I’m excited about this because the level will clearly have to be very different to support an Elusive Target.

I thought at first that it might take place at a beach party, and that IOI would build a little Sensation-like gathering, but the image shows the target in the house.


Personally I don’t think so. There is nothing to change due to level size…
Only if they enlarge it and build couple of platforms in the sea or couple of new mansions…

I don’t necessarily mean a bunch of new level geometry. They’ll at least need to have a bunch of new NPCs with new routines. The politician can’t just be hanging around while Alma and Sean 2 go to bed! And that requires a ton of changes to the level.

I guess they could get rid of the bodies in the garage, set it before Nightcall and say that the politician is living there, and have her bodyguards have the exact same routine. That would be the minimal change they could do. But they’d have to strip almost all the dialogue from all the guards in order for that to make sense. I think they’d repopulate the area if they were gonna do that.


I agree that the map as it is wouldnt work (seeing as you have to get to a certain point before the NPCs even appear). It could be done as some sort of house party, the house has been rented out to a rich politician and her supporters, that would work.

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It would be funny if they just added her to the normal Nightcall map. So unless you’re using the laptop there’s nobody else in the house except the target and one or two bodyguards.

Looking forward to the wet suit with hat/driving gloves. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh you mean that’s not expected.

That’s exactly what’s gonna happen.

They get into the same bed and clip into each other if you bring Alma home before killing the target.


It is a good point though, are they gonna make us use the laptop for her to arrive? If not how will starting locations work, or will they just restrict them again?

Nice to see Hawke’s Bay getting some love! Will be interesting to see how she’s implemented there. I wouldn’t expect too drastic changes to the map though.

I expect a change in daytime and maybe more nonguard NPCs around the house. But it will still be very private. Either private conspiracy meeting of a few powerful people or just the women and her family and bodyguards.


Nice to see that The Best Map In The Game™ is getting another mission!

You mean Hawkes Bay?

I hope this does mean we could unlock the swimsuit, it remembers me alot of splinter cell, it would be great to go around in that on other maps aswell.


Of course, what else?

Yeah, I agree this is the best map ever created.
Just clarifying

That gave me an idea. Maybe ET with guards will be at house before triggering laptop, but laptop couldn’t be triggered so Alma and her guards wouldn’t arrive at all.

This is the question. To me, there’s no way they keep the laptop trigger. If they do however, how are they going to work that into the ET story? It’s gonna be interesting.

Again, I think they’re gonna have to change quite a bit from Nightcall to make this work.

“Best map in the game” my ass


Speaking of Hawkeye’s Bay, was that suppose to be training level or something. The house was so small and the rest of the area had nothing else.

I’m just wondering what changes they’re gonna make to Hawke’s Bay to accomodate this ET, but I doubt they can do anything but improve on the original