HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #4: The Politician (8 March 2019)


To be honest, best part of Hitman 2 was working out new SA/SO routes. Otherwise, I see all things I can do but I don’t want to since they are obvious and easy.



My solution: be creative. :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw it might have been intended indeed to be an easy target. After all the free intro with this mission was just recently released. New players have the chance to learn of ETs.



I have to agree with @TeenTyrant002 and @KhAoz … The cameras here were too easy to evade. I didn’t bother with them either.

Wondering what happened on your runs.



Been waiting for this, thanks man :smile: …the mustache joke comment is just :joy:

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Great job.
On the run and on the suit.
But I must make a confession: I like suit more :slight_smile:

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I took da beetch down to da beach! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

eta: This was my original plan. I didn’t go with the pool dunk since Pagan did his that way.


Your Elusive Target kill methods

this as well, everyone just fucking stop with this stuff. people can play the game how they want, there’s no intended way and your playstyle doesn’t make you a casual or whatever



That’s a hell of a fucking thing to write. Probably wasn’t a great idea to advertise that you’re one of THOSE people. Way to turn people against you.



stop trying to bait, nobody on this forum wants to read another dick-measuring contest between you two.



Mate, for real, calm down. It’s a public forum and nobody’s interested in seeing an immature back-and-forth. Those type of arguments never have winners; only losers.



Easy is on you. Don’t blame the game if you choose to make it easy. Do what you want to challenge yourself. The easy is on you, not IOI. There’s way more options to make it difficult, like try kill her with the exploding pen in suit no KO. Or car explosion. Anything. That’s why hitman is a sandbox. Up to you to play it but again, don’t blame the game if you’re looking to make it difficult. You can do it.



Thank you for that! I was trying to listen to everything I can because I like all the dialogue and background stuff so I’m glad someone captured it, I appreciate that.

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If you shoot them, which I did because I don’t make things harder on myself when I can just shoot cameras out, the sounds travel through walls as @misterkiller said.

@TeenTyrant002 @KhAoz



It could be a bug what you’re talking about but it could very well be that you’re shooting a camera with a guard right by it so he hears the actual bullet distraction then the notification to search the broken camera goes to another guard. But if a civilian reacts to either one, then ya, that’s clearly a bug. I might have missed if you mentioned that, though.



I only shot the camera at the back entrance (where the trash cans are) and assumed it is scripted for one guy to check it. Like it was in 2016 Pro mode.

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No, that’s a bug.
The same bug you can replay in Bangkok shooting a camera in basement. Some woman sitting by the bar on a terrace will go down check the noise

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I have run into that



Git Rekt Ladeeeeeeeeeee



HITMAN™ 2 - Elusive Target 5: The Politician SA/SO 1:01

I lost a little time because of the excitement - only one chance and I was not even sure if the guard had seen the murder (the tranquilizer is very unreliable). But everything went fine.


Elusive Target #3: The Prince [Reactivation 12 April 2019]

No, it’s divided into those who recognise The Meat King’s Party as the best level in the series, and those who need to stop taking drugs.