HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #4: The Politician (8 March 2019)


Check the new thread for these, @KevinRudd


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Strangle her in broad daylight .Still get SA because of NPC’S Endless loop.


explosion (accident) kill and 5/5 silent assassin so far and got my winter suit

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The Undying: PALLAS Android
The Revolutionary: Poisoned Wine
The Appraiser: Burning Oil
The Fugitive: Clown’s Explosive Prank (blew up Ji Hu after giving him an EMP toy while he was ranting about the dumb clown throwing propane tanks around)
The Politician: Gas Lamp Explosion

The only one I didn’t SA was The Undying because I’d forgotten about the Cameras.

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@Soupienza we made a thread for these, check it out.

Your Elusive Target kill methods


Elusive Target #5 - The Politician - Clown Drown (2.49)


Killed her with the exploding lamp after she finished her cig :joy::joy::joy:

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Oh, yeah, forgot to share.
Did you notice, the guard by a dumpster outside has a key to the house? :slight_smile:




It’s bathing time


I bet Barbara was ‘blown away’ by your precision.

Yeah i’ll go now

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What a bunch of crap! Set up a nice accident kill, took out the camera. Amazing that guard from outside knows that I ran into the room and hid inside a container long before he was even in the area (watch the minimap closely.) Another failure, but not because of me.


Got an SA ranking playing a blind #TeamNoRestarts run, but blimey I found this the hardest ET I’ve played for a long while. My loadout was Lockpick and Coins with a Lethal Syringe in a Briefcase at the beach stash point.

As expected, this was the first ever ET where you had absolutely no choice but to start the level in an area/diguise where you weren’t allowed to be, and I was fairly shitting my pants to begin the mission in a Hostile Area.

I struggled to get a disguise early on as I tried to separate a pair of patrolling guards on the beach to subdue one and take their clothes. I wasted all my coins on trying to separate the two guards, as every time one guard investigated the distraction his mate also came over with him and they stood too close together to take one down without the other noticing. I then tried to throw the Briefcase as a distraction in the hope that one guard would take it to a weapons-stash point and leave his fellow guard isolated for a takedown, but upon finding the briefcase they BOTH followed the same pathing to deliver it to the weapons crate: WTF?!

Reading through this thread after playing my run, it seems I did what many others did and took out the target using the gas lamp she smokes next to, so my run wasn’t in any way remarkable in the community, but I found this one the tensest ET I have played in ages due to having a No Restarts policy in the initial Hostile Area start point, and then experiencing the unique (?) behaviour of the patrolling guards in this mission where it was literally impossible to separate a patrolling guard pair. Stressful in a good way, but stressful nonetheless.


I am very, very, very late to the party, but I eliminated Barbara, which I bet she was blown away about. Heh. This is actually my first successful Elusive Target, so i’m really just happy to get one done.

I also look pretty slick in my new Terminus suit, which is really cool-looking. I feel like the Terminator walking in it.


Sub-1min HYPE :stars:


@CHAOS_AGENT_45, how did you do this? Sniper? :slight_smile:


The Undying: Pen Death
The Revolutionary: Scooter Explosion
The Appraiser: Caught On Fire
The Fugitive: Fell To His Death
The Politician: Gas Lamp Explosion

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So, 47 had a trip to Hawks Bay in New Zealand after an outbreak in the Gama hospital in Japan. (Which had only one survivor without infection…besides 47.)

47 had trick: lure everyone in the garage, while Madam purple was in the bathroom. At the end , he disguised himself as personal bodyguard, investigated the scene, knocked out the actress, put some poison on the munchies, then knocked EVERY guard out, in hope to obtain the car keys…which were on the table on a green(ish) plate…

No bodies found, Never spotted, No recordings. Like a walk in a park!

Seriously, this was one of the easiest Elusive Target so far, I enjoyed it !

  • Gaslamp Explosion
  • Garroting
  • Melee (Katana, cleaver etc…)
  • Gunshot
  • Any accident
  • Poison
  • Others, necksnap

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