HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #4: The Politician (8 March 2019)


I really enjoy playing the Hawke’s Bay level, the infiltration music, night setting, nobody to hear your target’s screams for miles ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I just hope IOI implements a new AI route for bodyguards and removes Alma and Sean 2.


What’s the suit unlock? Don’t remember seeing it figured on official overview artwork so this is definitely surprising!


I’m just hoping that there IS a suit unlock, haha


Maybe we’ll have another Mission Story (like Dave Ready in Miami) to get us inside?

As @Agent.Smith said, there’s no chance of Alma and that bloke being there, if the map’s scenario is how it currently is. That would be ridiculous. The ET must be in cahoots with Reynard, holding some function.

Or, it may be set way before Nightcall, thus featuring a few old faces, like Rose and Berg, all having a meeting. That would be good fun.


master crafted


cant wait to get the wetsuit with drivinggloves!


I want a snorkle!!

Please pretty please because I need 20 characters.


Maybe we get some made up story that Alma rented the house to this woman to ly lown. That would mean Alma and her entourage are gone and only the ET and some guards are present.

This is only speculation though.

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This is good news for me. Hawkes Bay is one of my favorite levels in the game. The atmosphere in that level is top notch.


While it’s cool that we’re even getting an ET in Hawkes Bay it’s still ashame that we aren’t getting a Mumbai ET this month.

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Oh, a Hawke’s Bay ET? Now THAT’S an interesting surprise.

I wonder what changes they’ll make to the level. Either they’ll be making some little gathering on the beach, or changing some stuff in the house. One thing’s for certain, the Reynard assassination plot wouldn’t fit in on the sidelines at all. It’ll either be removed (or better yet) changed with new dialogue between Alma and her new guest. I don’t really expect the laptop trigger to be used this time since the context will be different here. No infiltration for intel… hopefully.


Just some things to think about. Why are so many of you assuming this mission takes place before Alma’s death? We’ve already killed her in the game, and it’s already been established who lived in the house before Alma and Sean took over (Though I’ve forgotten who that person is). Once Alma dies the house is going to need a new owner, that seems far more likely to me

Then there’s the question of ‘reskinning’, I don’t think IO is going to put any serious effort into something that we can only play for 10 days, if they did we’d probably be outraged that they put the resources into making Hawke’s Bay more replayable… but then won’t let us replay it! If they were going to reskin it, you’d hope they’d add it to Contracts mode etc (Which obviously can’t be done if it expires in 10 days). Furthermore look at the pic of the target, we see she’s standing next to the piano which means the furniture hasn’t changed much (If at all), and I’m pretty sure that means she’s standing near a window, and yet she seems to be lit from above (Ceiling light, not natural light, aka still night time)

So my predictions:

  • Night time still
  • Same decor/furniture
  • No laptop trigger, target will already start on premises
  • No Alma or Sean 2
  • May be a meeting, maybe not
  • If it’s a currently serving politician then she will have government security; if it’s an ex-politician (Though she’s not called “The Ex-Politician” so I don’t think that will happen) then private security, if they’re lazy they’ll re-use the Militia guards from Nightcall.
  • There will not be guards standing by your boat
  • You may still be able start inside the house so long as there isn’t a guard in that particular room (Office), but they probably won’t let you since this would make getting inside way too easy on at ET that’s already probably going to be easy.
  • If they’re cheeky, Maxwell may make an appearance in some form

On the roadmap picture they show you poisoning a rooftop vent, I predict that a nice strategy would be to put sedative in the vent (since there’ll probably be someone else in the room), then go in and snap their neck. Although doing that may get ‘body found’ a split second before the NPC passes out. Who knows.

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I always thought they should have keys on one or more of the guards, then you could exit via any of the vehicles outside.

Regardless, we still don’t know how this level will be done. I highly doubt they’ll change it too much.

I can’t help but to feel that the 2nd ET was a play / parody on… A particular political viewpoint or person (I’ll just leave it at that).

Yet, as an American, there is one person that comes to mind when I think of a female politician. And there is a ‘conspiracy’ of her (or her husband) having people “suicided” when they find out too many secrets, or dig too deep and discover corruption. With this thought in mind, the 2 people in the garage could still be used in the level, but perhaps they’re being interrogated, and maybe the client doesn’t want any harm to come to them (like in the Guru ET). Or perhaps it could be used as an opportunity a’la ‘the prisoner’ in Marakesch.

But, it’s hard to see any politician getting their hands dirty like that. That’s what hitmen are for.

eta: if this idea is too controversial then I can delete or edit the post. Please don’t reply to it since that might start an argument, which nobody needs. Send me a PM & I’ll be more than happy to comply.

Edit2: Well, seems like other people are thinking similar.


Looking forward to hopefully playing a re-worked Hawkes Bay!


Does anyone else think that the painting behind The Politician looks like it has been sealed in plastic? Also that appears to be the upstairs hallway right?


Nah, it’s downstairs with the piano, in front of the bathroom door. And the painting is just painted like that - but it looks like it’s hanging there, while normally it’s just propped against the wall.


It does appear to be hanging since there is space between the painting and the floor.


Good catch!

[This space has intentionally been left blank]


Really looking forward to this one - she looks like Kathleen Turner playing Hilary Clinton.


ET’s pop on Friday and March 1 is the Friday.