HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #4: The Politician (8 March 2019)


Omg you’re alive! I’ve been missing these lol.


Just did this SA / Fiber Wire. Only one comment really… add the car escape into the proper mission, and do it right away. There’s no excuse. Just do it.


I wish they’d add it so we could infiltrate with guards there too, that made it more fun


This is my run of this Elusive Target. I hope could help someone who is playing HITMAN 2 for the first time.


This was, quite frankly, the best ET I’ve played on HITMAN 2 so far. This ET felt more like a ‘bonus mission’ as opposed to a typical ET because of how many alterations were made to Hawke’s Bay and to some of the NPCs. The Politician sort of reminds me of The Undying ET we got shortly after launch, which is a good thing I suppose.


YES!! Looks like the same place Alma drops off her car keys in the main mission. I always thought it was awkward that she visibly puts down the keys, but you can’t interact with them or pick them up. They were just there for show.
But now? Yay, Car Exit Point (exclusive to the ET still but it’s something)


That map somehow is just a struggle for me, got almost killed several times, but got her in the end even with SA :grimacing::see_no_evil::joy: phew! Love all the videos posted here - can’t wait to see more!!


Fantastic ET. Loved this one. Best one so far in H2. Has so much potential for kills.

They really need to make this map for contracts mode. I don’t even care if they give us the beach only start point. Give the same car exit and boat like this et and everyone there on the map once it starts.

Striker Kill.

Now time to watch everyone’s runs. :grin:

Edit: did anyone kill the wrong target? Is it insta-fail? Can you restart if it isn’t? I was so tempted to do it. Lol.


Aaaahhh so close :expressionless: Went to delete the evidence, saw that there was a guard, knocked him out and hid him on the stairs of the safe room, thinking he would be out of sight, then loosened the heat lamp, easy SA, but I dallied a lil too long and the guards body was found. Ah well, another 3 weeks for the winter coat. Great ET overall, one of the best!


I went for something basic with the Katana.

This ET was a reminder of how a small moody level with a single building to infiltrate can be a nice change of pace from the huge (and bright) main maps.

With the changes, is there a chance we can now have it added into contracts mode?



Exactly. It’s like a smaller Colorado and why I really think this map would be great for contracts.


After pacifying 5 of her Bodyguards, then her 2 Bodyguard Leaders, I managed to send the dummy to the bathroom for a quick vomit session, followed by the final subdue of the ET. Poisoned her peanuts, closed the window blinds, watched her collapse to the floor, deleted the recordings, then drove away. I enjoyed this ET, made me actually like the level, if only Alma had been in there at the start of Nightcall instead of having to be summoned


The Politician
Suit Only in 47s

So when’s the thread with request car key for main mission jajaja


Anyone else waiting for @Urben crazy and masterful clip

Btw you should create a playlist in your channel of all ETs so it’s easier to find :+1:


ETs are getting way too easy. The Revolutionary was the only one that came close to being somewhat challenging.


I did :flushed:, no insta-fail, just loosing SA if you don’t restart the ET, so yes you can restart if you kill the wrong NPC.


I read somewhere that it’s intended to be easy and then get more difficult, that could be from a random person don’t remember.
I see why they made this more easy while HB is free right now.

I agree though that they should be more challenging.

The Revolutionary was the most challenging, but please no random spawns anymore IO.


Just a matter of time I am tagged. :grin:

Though I did not even start yet, because I am stuck at creating a contract for the next batch. Stuck because I can’t find a good title.


My run, easy 1:20 on Ps4