HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #4: The Politician (8 March 2019)


Label it:
“This contract has no title”

Problem solved.


Smoking kiiiiiiils!!!


Better be
“Your title might be here”


Meantime somebody asked if the boat is guarded in this mission.
Answer is no


A pretty good ET, the target was too easy to identify though. Subdued her bodyguard and took his clothes, then it was really easy to FW her. Sadly no winter suit for me because I’m an idiot and fucked up The Fugitive. The car exit is a must-add to the main mission too btw.


Silent Assassin/Suit Only with katana

This one was a little challenging but fun. :slight_smile: Another good one for in the books. Keep it up IO!


sa/so no ko’s, scissors


This is not going to work…


Was this a target or double you strangling?



I was doing so well. Managed to lure a lone guard outside into the bushes and got his outfit. Made my way upstairs without getting spotted by the target, her double or their enforcer bodyguards. Successfully lured a CICADA guy to a remote area and got his outfit. Started cleaning out a room for the kill and then suddenly a guard walked in just when I shoot his buddy into the back with the tranquilizer gun. Because he was reacting to a coin I threw earlier and forgot about.

Lesson learned. Thankfully there was no other guard around so I could silently punch him in the face. Not SA this time but you win some, you lose some.


Target. I was just playing around. Lol. Restarted then did my striker kill.


Why didn’t you restart as soon as you haven’t killed a target to that moment? Or you already had?
And learn another thing: always pick up back your coins not to be in situations like this :slight_smile:

Great. Well done.
By the way, it’s a pity we can’t Matador this dame :slight_smile:


Didn’t want to restart, although it was tempting. :grin:

I did pick up the coin. The problem was that there were two guards. Guard A was in the room and Guard B was in another room behind a door. I wanted to lure Guard A to another area and threw a coin. Guard A didn’t react but Guard B did. I didn’t realized that Guard B would react and threw another coin to distract Guard A. Guard A was distracted and I shoot him in the back just when Guard B entered the room.

Or maybe it was just bad luck a Guard B was actually patrolling the area and I somehow missed him the whole time. Anyway, him suddenly appearing was a nasty surprise.


IOI promised to fix this shit when some other guy reacts but he shouldn’t.
From my experience they didn’t fix nothing.
E.g. shooting camera by a dumpster in this mission will lure a guard which stands in other part of the mansion…


That happend, too. Didn’t know this was a bug.


I enjoyed this ET and especially the fact that the house is already crowded.The lights give the level a signifficant improvement but in the future I would like to see Hawkes Bay daytime!!!Anyway, I took my time , got rid of both enforcer bodyguards and disguised as one, followed both doubles and listened to some pretty cool dialogues , verified the target by gathering the information (laptop,papers,guards talking about mustache bodyguard), and finally I used my emetic syringe and drowned the politician along with her lies :stuck_out_tongue: I timed the kill so that the double,who poses in the bathroom, leaves when the real one enters , and I had time to dump her next room.Took the car keys and left with a SA , and Winter Suit reward!!Hopefully next time we 'll get the WetSuit !!


Surely is.
Try to shoot a camera in the basement in Bangkok. Some woman who sits by a bar on a terrace will go down and check the noise. Nonsense


I’m most looking forward to what @Ha-DOOOOOOOU-ken will do for this ET :santa::ok_hand:


The Fibre Wire “Ghost Assassin” strikes again! No distractions at all. Making the most difficult methods look so easy. I even gave the bodyguard a chance to see me, still could not find me right next to him. This security is terrible :grin::joy: I’ll upload the vid…


this was a very good target, the atmosphere of the map is astonishing, i never had such “infiltration” kinda experience in a long time, enter through a back door, look for Intel, listen to dialogs, and that final cry of despair when she feels the knife cutting through her throat granting you emotions that you will never feel again, in general, an amazing mission, sad that we didn’t get the swimsuit tho:(


SA/SO - Aquarium Electrocution - 1:10