HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #4: The Politician (8 March 2019)


You need to investigate that problem. Sometimes you just have bad hardware config (even if it seems only one game is having issues).


You know what he will do…doki doki pow pow speedrun. :rofl:



This was harder than it looked, because I was trying to get SA - which I failed. I knocked out pretty much every guard in the place, nabbing the general guard disguise, and finally identified the double by hearing her chatting with her bodyguard about their respective jobs. I distracted and KO’d the poor guy (who could easily be an actor, just like the double), took his clothes, clarified the target by searching the computer, and finally bust Babs and her little scheme with a pistol.


Easy past the body double gimmick - yet another habitual smoker who chooses to light up next to a fire hazard. The lone guard standing by the trash can hidden stash can be easily knocked out for a disguise after you disable the camera (just be careful because another guard will come out investigating the gunshot) and has house keys. Barbara identifies herself on the phone when she steps onto the patio near the office. Steal a wrench from the guard in the garage, knock out the guard standing by the gas lamp on the patio hide him in the cooler or the dumpster a level below, and rig the lamp to blow. Get outside and ready to escape before all the enforcer guards start running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

One bit I don’t get- if you read the office computer, it says “This document is riddled with editing errors. I believe you’ve found your target.” I dont understand, did I miss a detail that the target was a shitty speller or something?


Big oof

20 characters


Was almost spotted to attract her to the pool area and then used the poison syringe on her, didn’t want to risk being spotted by her bodyguard and left without the car keys, wasted a ton of time getting to the boat. Then I saw a guy on youtube doing it in 1 minute in a similar way and I felt dumb.



Come home from the movies thinking I have this grand plan for the ET.
Should not be surprised that everyone has figured out the same thing.


Am I missing something or is the intro video contradicting the written intel? The former shows the charity director indoors with pills on the desk while the latter says she died in a car accident.


You are not wrong. What’s more, the decor looks like she died in the Marrakesh consolate.



Wew what I wanted to do just worked perfectly. You guys will like it! :smiley:


pls go get better internet so you can upload it in less than 10 years thnks


Upload is fast, editing takes time every time. :sweat_smile:

EDIT: Though there is not much to edit, so can be fast.


Yes, editing is a female dog in heat.


Very satisfied with this ET, felt on edge for most of the time, which so long as you’re specifically trying to get SA means it wasn’t too easy. I didn’t realise the guy in security room was awake, so he saw me clicking buttons and compromised me, so that’s my one reset.

Long story short, got the double’s body guard to the bathroom, took his clothes and stashed him, then looked around and saw this gas lamp I saw a couple people reference (I tried to avoid this thread so it wouldn’t be spoiled, but I did see some memes on Reddit this morning before playing), couldn’t find a wrench so I just shot it once, then yeah, she came outside and got lit AF. Then car exit.

Also, I like how I was right about almost everything I predicted back when this ET was first announced

Oh the people who hounded me for explaining why there wouldn’t be an Alma or Orson…

Anyway, hope more ETs have this kind of style! Although this one was special due to the nature of Nightcall. Give us a contracts mode Hawke’s Bay, IO!


Shiggity shiggity shotgun diplomacy!


I thought of laying multiple traps and waiting for the real Barbara to reveal herself, alas… one private phone conversation is all it took…

“What’s wrong, Barbara? Can’t take the heat?”


I’m a bit upset actually. I didn’t get Silent Assassin despite killing her with an “accident” because her body counted as being found.