HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #4: The Politician (8 March 2019)


What was the accident?


Gas Lamp explosion. A bit pissed off too because I wanted to unlock the Winter Suit from Season One.


That’s really weird, sounds like a bug then. And it was definitely body found and not a non-target kill?

Did you shoot it to make it explode or did she smoke and it exploded?


yeah that’s the consulate. and the npc that commited suicide is just an npc in the consulate


I had fun with this one.


100% body found. Got the in-game screen showing it and everything. Loosened the valve with the wrench and let her habit do the job for me.

Note to anybody else that tries it this way: make sure you have the car key and you’re waiting right next to the car so you can exit the instant you get confirmation she’s dead.


Sometimes it can happen that another NPC is KOd by the explosion. And no matter how a NPC is KOd, he counts against ‘Body Found’.


Did you KO anybody else and perhaps they got found? I know there’s a bug where a body found doesn’t show up on the second screen either at times. If that’s not the case, probably what Urben said. Maybe her guard came in late and took a part of the explosion and got KOd. Did you happen to record your run by any chance?


Yeah, it didn’t happen that way though. I deliberately took out her bodyguard beforehand and hid his body precisely so that wouldn’t happen. The picture-in-picture clearly showed that it was her body that counted as being found.


And you took out the milita guard standing near the lamp too, I assume?


Wild theory, but a NPC on the roof can walk directly above the lamp at a certain point. Maybe he was the issue.


That would have to be it. I took out as many guards as I could, including the militia guard that @KevinRudd mentioned. Essentially everybody on the second floor had been knocked out and had their bodies hidden before I even bothered trying to take out the target.


I’m pretty sure it’s a bug, I got a body found during a SA run of the Mumbai escalation


Probably. Regardless, I posted in the Bug Report thread as well because this isn’t the thread to be posting it in; just wanted to give people a heads-up in case they hadn’t attempted the mission yet.


Thanks for the heads up. That has decided it for me, I’ll be going for a katana kill tonight.


Lots of chances to kill this target. I really enjoyed this one.


Wrecking Ball Kill


My grandpa died today, the same day this contract was released. Just made me wanna kill the bitch even more.


I’m so sorry to hear that. My deepest condolences


Damn… :open_mouth:
I thought it would be difficult to top it off from The Appprasier flying Big One kill. But even though that one is one of the most difficult setup kill I’ve seen, this is my favorite now :+1: