HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #4: The Politician (8 March 2019)


so i noticed today while lethal-poisoning the double, her death animation was extra long. the animation of them choking and dying is usually super quick, but this body double took quite some time to die. it was definitely intentional, too. do ETs have extra long poison-death anims or something?


Used the knife in the locked medicine cabinet. SA. 4 for 5!!!


Upon my sibling’s request, I killed her with a cleaver. 5/5 for SA now.


Cleaver? Please, I’ll use a katana any day of the week to slay The Politician.


I don’t know if cursing is allowed but fuck motherfucker son of a bitch bitch fuck. I had everything done I thought it was ready to kill her and so I drowned her after poisoning her and then her bodyguard came in after I hid the body which I couldn’t do inside a container because it was already full and he turned around right when I shot him with a tranq gun which I’ve never used before why did I try to be fancy instead of just throwing something at him!?


Well, successful SA, and I used the Katana like I wanted, but it was slightly off from what I was aiming for. Literally. Had everything in place, Katana in hand, waited for her to turn around from her laptop, which she did, but she moved slightly more to the side than I expected, and so instead of slicing her fucking throat open from directly in front, it came in from the side and cut across her face instead.

Got it done, but man, so close to my vision. I’ll have to try it that way again on one of my other two profiles until I get it right.

And correct me if I’m wrong, but… isn’t the Winter Suit I just unlocked the same as the Black Winter Suit, just minus the pin? I know one is supposed to be a black coat and the other a gray coat, but they both look gray, with one being just he barest shade darker, maybe. No real difference besides the pin. Even the gloved alternate have more significant variety.


TL:DR. I’ll get her later.

1st attempt, got spotted by one of the guards that comes back around and into the garage (after shooting a security camera for some reason).
“Hey! You’re not supposed to be here! What are you? A Thief?” (proceeds to shoot at me, I restart)

Another attempt, I threw an item (wrench I think) at a guard, but I seen his halo get spinny the instant before I knocked him out. With this game I don’t trust that I didn’t lose SA, so restart again.

Another guard I was going to knock out got me compromised/unconscious witness.

And finally, I subdued the target, then figured… “What would be an unusual kill? I know, I’ll drag her to the ocean to drown… Er, well. The pool is closer, so that’d be good enough.” Then I get spotted by the double from up on the 2nd floor.

Then I figured this is going to be easy enough, I’ll just try tomorrow or the next day. I’ve already have a lot of other things I need to do.

eta: I think I’ll try to push her into the pool somehow. No KO (for the target at least) and dump, gotta make it look like an accident; “She must’ve slipped and fell.”. It’s a good thing none of these targets can swim worth a dam.


A haiku…

The old hag is dead.
Put Katana through her chops.
Winter suit is mine.

Yes or No?

I really love going through the elusive targets section in the careers tab, it sums up a big part of the satisfaction I get from doing these. A nice, organized little collection of dead targets. :upside_down_face:


Where did you get this suit?
Another texture replacement?


I think I forgot to mention, this was my first Elusive Target… :frowning: I completed it but didn’t get SA…



another completely mad effort - well done


“The Vicar family send their warmest regards, Barbara.” :grin:


Did a few scout runs, and in the end went with this loadout:

Destroyed the cameras near my entry point with a Sieger, since they were a headache on my recon runs and i couldn’t hit them with a pistol.

I entered the house using the hidden pool key and stole the car key.

Opened the door to the second floor with my rifle and knocked out the guard near the gas lamp.

Then i simply waited for the target to come (I learned that this is the real target before this run), knocked out her bodyguard…

And shot Dame Barbara in the head.

Then i made my to the unique exit (IO, please, add it to the Nightcall mission) and escaped.

SA/SO; 5/5.
Second best H2 ET in my opinion.


Sniping the cameras was a great idea. Man, they were broken in this mission


It’s probably somewhere else on this forum but can you explain the suit? How you got it?


I modded the texture thanks to this tutorial from Notex: https://notex.app/?page_id=24


This ET was simple. my third SA. I unlucky failed SA in The fugitive (for a bug, because I entered the bathroom to kill the target, but another Npc entered and saw me. The sad thing is that the first time I killed him silently) and The revolutionary. I hope with The Black Hat will be better then two years ago


How do you figure? I had no problem with them., and never had to shoot them out. There are two very easily exploitable blind spots that just so happen to be the two entrances to the pool. Getting inside without being spotted was the easiest part of this mission.