HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #4: The Politician (8 March 2019)


There is one camera you shoot where a guy that’s in the garage will come out, walk around the outside to the front of the garage, then come back around. Either that or the guy that’s actually closest to it will go inside and upstairs to check. Sounds shouldn’t be penetrating walls like that. Not shot cameras at least. :confused:

eta: off-topic, bu this also happens at the church in Sap. Shoot a camera on the side of the building and one of the church dudes near the staircase will hear it or get panicked.


Played this ET and ended up killing her with a gas lamp explosion because I was bored to tears trying to speedrun it.

No reward either, so I’m extremely disappointed with this. I don’t care if they’re adding it in future, it already can be added in other missions, so I don’t see what’s the hold up.

Also, if there’s a car exit in a time limited worthless elusive target, why does the main “sandbox” mission not have it?


Why are you so salty? I think this was a very good target, suit is not something i play this missions for, it is just a good addition, and speedrunning totally kills the atmosphere:)


Can you elaborate? I never had any trouble with the cameras. I literally went through the front door by walking in between the cameras and didn’t get spotted. From there, there aren’t any internal cameras to worry about that I’m aware of.


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Did you play the same ET as the rest of us? There’s a shit load of possibilities here.

Ah, you’re one of those guys. Gotcha.


thanks for the idea, found I had to restart about five times because of the slightly randomised timing of NPC movement and that held me up a few seconds inside the house then again outside to wait for a guard after he nearly-spotted me


Is this fandom seriously divided into “casuals” and “speedrunners”?


Awful ET, just awful. Hilariously easy and never felt satisfying. Backstory is fine, I guess, but ET itself posseses no challenge whatsoever.

Got her SA/SO with a classic suicide via double shot to the back of the head.


She was served on a fucking plate with that “It’s Barbara” phone call, has a smoke break straight after that (cheapest kill I’ve ever seen) near the gas lamp + has just one bodyguard.

Creativity is nil because it doesn’t matter what you get her with - it’s all too easy to bother.


IO is catering too much to the new players. But when it was Sean Bean - I nodded and agreed that it was fine for a start.

Then Revolutionary was overrestricted but challenging if you tried anything other than poison.

Appraiser has cheap smoke kill but the book objective made things somewhat fun.

And Politician is just there, ripe for the taking. It’s only challenging if you have no restarts policy.

IMO, quality of ETs is lacking in terms of creativity compared to S1.




So if i try to play along with the atmosphere, make it more cinematic and satisfying, i am casual, but if i play like a “prooo”, ruin atmosphere and do it in 46 seconds instead of 5 minutes, for some reason i am a pro? What the fuck are you talking about, this mission satisfied me because i didn’t try to run it through in 20 seconds, it gave a true “infiltration” kinda expirience, map is small but has inceateble atmosphere, and target backstory is cool as well, so maybe you should tplay the game like It is meant to be played, passionatly and not ruin the vibe for yourself, that is why you cant enjoy this stuff anymore, the only thing you think about is to make it in 36 seconds instead of 40, what is the point?


But the opportunities are there for more interesting and creative kills.


ETs lack creativity compared to S1? How is that? Was Sensation creative? Were Pharmasict, Congressman, Fixer, Gunrunner, Identity Thief, Chef, Angel of Death, Food Critic, Chameleon creative? I named 60% of all elusives, it is just getting started my friend:)


I guess I’ve played too much Hitman in S1 to get the kick out of it once again.

It’s a constant feeling of “been there, done that”.

When it was S1, I was choosing a method and a weapon for each ET so it’d be unique.

But right after 30 ETs in S1 a and S2, I’ve tried it all. My Baseball Player + Explosive Ball run was made out of sheer boredom and wasn’t all that hard.


Yeah I hate to wade in but you are right. That logic is really bizarre. I mean creative writing is easy (barring any form of quality of course) so does that mean I shouldn’t write ever and become a CEO or brain surgeon?


Elusive Target #5 - The Politician - Dialogue


Hey that’s the stuff. Cheers Euler.