HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #4: The Politician (8 March 2019)


I only shot the camera at the back entrance (where the trash cans are) and assumed it is scripted for one guy to check it. Like it was in 2016 Pro mode.


No, that’s a bug.
The same bug you can replay in Bangkok shooting a camera in basement. Some woman sitting by the bar on a terrace will go down check the noise


I have run into that


Git Rekt Ladeeeeeeeeeee


HITMAN™ 2 - Elusive Target 5: The Politician SA/SO 1:01

I lost a little time because of the excitement - only one chance and I was not even sure if the guard had seen the murder (the tranquilizer is very unreliable). But everything went fine.


No, it’s divided into those who recognise The Meat King’s Party as the best level in the series, and those who need to stop taking drugs.


This seems interesting enough to post here, seems that The Revolutionary wasn’t very popular.


@Opal_Hitman @Serious_Pony
Another great example in this vid as to why the Tranq Gun is already op as is. Adding more darts would make it super duper looper op.


Never knew the tranq gun was this useful, nice run


Yeah, had I know it would get no love, I would have voted on it too. It was a real challenge getting that poison into that glass without getting spotted.


Thanks! Tranq gun can help neutralize uncomfortable NPCs where nothing else can handle. But there is one problem: sometimes NPC, even if he was struck by a tranquilizer, before falling would notice the murder and this will destroy the SA. This is not such a big problem if the mission can be restarted unlimited, but ET… there is only one chance. I was waiting for him to fall, but still I was not 100% sure that he did not notice. Fortunately, everything went well.


Agreed with @immadummee47 there. The safehouse is designed with many walk-on roofs and open balconies and the cameras are mostly mounted along the edges between these areas.

The sound is always bound to pass on more sections than expected. This also makes sense accounting for the use of Volumetric Cubes governing the passing of sound as the safehouse is relatively small and “pass on logic” could criss-cross across such a small volume.

I see nothing wrong there. And for Hawke’s Bay it’s so easy to evade cameras it’s actually more slick just to leave them untouched if you ask me. :slight_smile:


Hmm…No “Unnoticed Kill”?

Clue: “Silent Takedown” after “Target Eliminated”/“Objective Completed”…Guess the
Kalmer uses a slow-acting drug.

Guard behind Barbara Noticed the Kill but could not go to Body Found.
You should have shot Barbara maybe 0.1 seconds later… I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had been noticing that HITMAN 2 has been playing a lot of games with NPC Status Stacking and I think you got caught out by that in that kill.

Still… Fantastic job. :slight_smile:



I take out the camera at the 1:25 mark.

A) it makes no sense for the guard that gets distracted by this to be the one that becomes distracted (even with your pseudo-realistic description of soundwave movement).

B) This guard still is the one distracted even if I don’t KO the first guard before shooting the camera (0:50 mark)


Am I the only one who didn’t know that you could drop down from the roof to the second floor, like this

Great find @Pagan


Well, true this particular behavior is not ideal. But I doubt it’s the cameras that are broken.

This guard is the one that patrols the outer perimeter of the house at the start of the map’s routine and then eventually walks through the door beneath the camera you shot.

It is possible he is retaining some kind of persistence with the Volumes in this area because “it’s his watch”. (Note: We also know IOI use exception flags for guards that should not be duped into checking a camera or picking up a weapon, for example, Barbara/Barbara-Double’s bodyguards cannot be weapon duped).

The other thing to note is this door has weird issues. It cannot be closed manually for example, so perhaps there is an issue with its “Closed door/Open door” flag (ie: it’s open when it’s not open).

By default, the door leading to the garage from the hallway behind this door is definitely open which we know usually means sound will be allowed to pass to the next volume.

And for whatever reason that guard is the one with the “?”.

It’s not ideal behavior, but it’s not “cameras broken” I would think, more that IOI messed up (again) on Sound Volumes and Flag Stacking.


I saw a vid once of someone doing this on Alma and Orson by causing a lockdown, throwing down Flash Grenades and then jumping down Batman-style. hahaha.


Should’ve probably said “That’s why you play casually” instead of “You’re a casual”.

Anyways, what I meant was that the game is catering too much towards making the elusive target easy so new players who got the starter pack could complete it.

I’d have no problem with this if it was done correctly. A prime example of catering towards newer players and people who like to take in atmosphere, is of course The Undying. The game literally presented you with so many ways to kill the target, and it’s right in your face. But the game also faces you with challenges, such as the target’s several bodyguards and the multiple NPCs watching, or hiding away an important item.

You could rig the bomb in the weapons demo room to kill Faba, but you don’t know where the detonator is at first.

You could rig the android, but you’ll need to find a picture.

Or you can stab him with the pen, but you’d have to get rid of the guards.

The Politician lacks these challenges, and makes the opportunities relatively easy and boring to execute.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Also @immadummee47, I really don’t want to get into another quoting war. You think more darts are OP, I don’t. Let’s agree to disagree.

And about the whole “the person who calls someone a casual uses an easy kill” thing, I did it because Hawkes Bay doesn’t make for many interesting kills. Now I’m not saying that there isn’t any, as I’m working on my own run today, but options are severely limited. I just wanted to get over it as in my opinion, it’s not a very good ET.


That still comes off as condescending. Shouldn’t say either, tbh.

Did you even watch anybody’s run? You don’t need to use the easiest solution. If you find it easy, do something harder. What’s stopping you from doing that? The target was great for giving lots of kill opportunities. You don’t need an et to have scripted kills like the undying, so I don’t know why you think that, unless I’m not catching what you mean.

It was my fave so far in H2 and I found the undying the worst but not as in its bad just how I rate the new 4 so far. I actually preferred the revolutionary over him as I Fiber Wired him in the middle of the streets. Fun solution.

Ok, as long as you don’t bring it up again either. :grin:


Yeah there are creative runs, but I liked to play my ETs in Season One by finding an axe or something hard to smuggle and killing them with it. It’s kinda why I’m disappointed, since Hawkes Bay doesn’t have large illegal items scattered around the map.

You have the katana inside the weapons room, but using it to kill her would pretty much use the same route as any other silent weapon in there (such as shurikens if you didn’t take them into the mission) and that’s not really a good thing imo.

If there was maybe a hatchet or something else lying in the sand or something, I’d probably like this elusive target a little bit.

I dunno, I’m just gonna leave this thread alone since everyone’s already turned their backs on me.