HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #4: The Politician (8 March 2019)


I’m with you, mate, on this one. Absolutely agree with the description of why this ET is boring and not fun.

Back in a day, when just roaming around Paris, I was finding great opportunities to kill ETs even before first ET was introduced - Sabre here, Battle Axe there… And then we had potential kitchen explosions, chandeliers, endless gas lamp and gas tanks, water puddles, explodable (is it even a word?) cars.

I was dreaming how I’d kill an ET even before they were introduced. But in Hawkes Bay there are very few truly creative ways that feel satisfying.

I definitely want a Mumbai ET because possibilities there are endless.


This is me every time I am about to go into a play session of HITMAN.


I got her! SA

My Current Record (All Silent Assassin):

“The Undying” (Fiber Wire)
“The Revolutionary” “Poisoned Wine” (pill jar)
“The Appraiser” Gas leak / Accident (burned alive)
“The Politician” Slit Throat (Folding Knife)

Since I used the Fiber Wire for basically 90% of my kills in S1, I figured I try this time (H2) doing different kills each time to keep it interesting.

I was really considering doing what I did in S1 again, but I’m afraid we will have more targets in the future (like the Chameleon) that ruined my FW streak.

I’ll probably use the FW on more ET’s again in the future of H2. But for now (and especially since they have been so damn easy so far) I thought I’d at least try to keep it interesting by challenging myself to do different kills every time (at least for now, we’ll see what the future brings) because there is no way that I will ever hang-up my FW for good. Not ever!!

But so far; Id say The Politician was my most Favorite ET yet.


THANK YOU! That exact thing happened to me on this, my first elusive target. I shot the bodyguard and he turned around before he got knocked out, ruining my silent assassin.


Just because I like looking at kill lists like yours, here’s mine:
The Undying: fall accident
The Revolutionary: lethal injection
The Appraiser: slit throat/scalpel
The Fugitive: fall accident
The Politician: neck stab/scissors


Here’s my list:
The Undying: Pen through eye
The Revolutionary: Emetic poison, then fall accident
The Appraiser: Cigarette and gas tank
The Fugitive: Drowned in hot spring
The Politician: Thrown cleaver


Very impressive work, Agent! (I also like seeing lists like this lmao :smiling_imp:)

It’s just cool to see how different people went about “their business”

Though I must say, I’m feeling hungry for a Fiber Wire kill lol I’m excited to see what the next one brings. If there is a unique kill I’ll probably take it, if not [}------------{] baby!!!


Always fun to spend more time in Hawke’s Bay. I was on my way to an SA but when I killed Barbara in front of her computer I was caught red-handed by a guard on the second floor who apparently has a line of sight to the computer through a couple panes of glass… no bueno.

Diana said something about how the document had a bunch of edits, and minute/precise ones at that, or something. I took it to mean that the computer was where the speech was mostly being written (only the real Barbara would edit the speech to such a degree) and that some of the changes were things that only Barbara would know or that only Barbara would be particular about.


Here’s mine as of H2 (I’m not gonna count my H1 list since its all gonna be redone)

The Undying: Fiber Wire
The Revolutionary: Poison Flower
The Appraiser: Oil leak/cigarette fire
The Fugitive: Pushed into hot spring
The Politician: Face cut with a katana


The Undying: Subdue & neck-snap or pen through eye…can’t remember
The Revolutionary: Poisoned wine glass
The Appraiser: I ducked myself (failed)
The Fugitive: Distracted into the hot spring -> thrown melee
The Politician: Gaslamp explosion…with support of Sieger Advanced & Ave Maria


And mine:

“The Undying”: Injected poison
“The Revolutionary”: Consumed poison
“The Appraiser”: Accident (Fire)
“The Fugitive”: Accident (Fall)
“The Politician”: Melee kill (Katana)


There really should could be a topic for these alone. :disappointed_relieved:

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The Undying: Neck Snap
The Revolutionary: Consumed Poison
The Appraiser: EMP-detonated Propane Flask
“The Fugitive”: EMP-detonated Propane Flask
“The Politician”: Gas Lamp explosion


Check the new thread for these, @KevinRudd


Whoops, that must’ve been posted while I was typing. Thanks


Strangle her in broad daylight .Still get SA because of NPC’S Endless loop.


explosion (accident) kill and 5/5 silent assassin so far and got my winter suit


The Undying: PALLAS Android
The Revolutionary: Poisoned Wine
The Appraiser: Burning Oil
The Fugitive: Clown’s Explosive Prank (blew up Ji Hu after giving him an EMP toy while he was ranting about the dumb clown throwing propane tanks around)
The Politician: Gas Lamp Explosion

The only one I didn’t SA was The Undying because I’d forgotten about the Cameras.


@Soupienza we made a thread for these, check it out.

Your Elusive Target kill methods