HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #4: The Politician (8 March 2019)


2nd easy method using Emetic Rat Poison & Fibre Wire. For some reason you can poison the food with ease & that security guard against the back wall moves his head a lot, giving you a small window of opportunity to do it unnoticed. The target & double both eat out of the same bowl, timing is key!



Can someone kill the double during the car exfiltration scene? Please?

EDIT: Will do that with an alt :3


Yes! They released another one of these on the Hitman FB page. Many might not care, but I’m so glad they’re still releasing these. I hope they continue to do so, it’s a shame they didn’t with Season 1 Elusives. It adds to the “uniqueness” IMO

It’s the small things :hugs:


They did that with Ji-Hu so hopefully all the legacy ETs are released.


Yeah, I know. That would be cool. Like I said, I appreciate little things like this haha


The one small thing that ruins it for me is the blatant grammatical error right at the bottom.

“There’s reports of…” should be “There are reports of…”, because “reports” is plural, not singular.

But, putting that aside, I like the idea of having a dossier full of files on 47’s targets


After this morning, I can’t possibly comment :joy:


I’m just gonna pretend that I know what you’re talking about


Works for me. Let’s both live in denial.


Sounds delightful :+1:


This was my first Silent Assassin kill for the new Elusive Targets.

Pretty cut and dry accident kill same as everyone else. Felt good. I find myself partial to the absolution suite just like in the H1

I really wish they would bundle these all up and let us play on demand.


The Undying: Consumed Poison
The Revolutionary: Explosion Accident
The Appraiser: Fire Accident
The Fugitive: Electrocution Accident
The Politican: Headshot by Sniper Rifle [credit to @JohnnyAxXx for the strat]


I saw you rekt Trihard2 :laughing: … GG


Oh I see… I saw you as the first number in the PS4 leaderboard and it became interesting what strategy you used. I thought so that this was a sniper rifle. I also had thoughts about such a run, but due to my lack of sniper experience I decided to go with a “close contact”. :slight_smile:


The Undying: Garroted
The Revolutionary: Kicked into a body of water (in hindsight, this was so lame, I wish I went with poison, was spotted too)
The Appraiser: Gas explosion
The Fugitive: Shoved off the mountains
The Politician: Gas explosion.

Surprised I’ve gone with so many accidents, I’m usually more of the fibre wire or knife type.


Of all the things I wish they were still doing, I wish they were still releasing the “after the ET” statistics. Which they abandoned after the initial release of The Forger.

I’m talking about this thing:

@Travis_IOI - plz consider bringing these back.


Yes please more stats (ingame and about E.T.s), make the data collected worth it guys!


@CHAOS_AGENT_45 @roofus @SwingSwang, we have a thread for those lists.

Your Elusive Target kill methods


I meant to go just scout, but ended up doing it blind… then ended up having the body found because I was too proud of how it landed after I shot her in the back of the head.

Was it worth it?


That was definitely worth it for that picture.