HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #4: The Politician (8 March 2019)


This target might not have been so good imo, but I just managed to pull off one of my favourite kills in Elusive Target history.

Surprise soon…


I’ve noticed that afterwards trust me :slight_smile:


This was the greatest thing to witness after 2 days of constantly failing.

Silent Assassin, ICA Space Program killing Barbara E. Keating right next to the boat.


We found her


Real person’s cheeks more fatty :slight_smile:


When I first watched the briefing video, I’d tweeted: “Hahaha this new Hitman 2 Elusive Target, can you imagine if any New Zealand political scandal was this intense?”

But maybe there was a New Zealand political scandal this intense.

Maybe IO had uncovered the greatest political scandal in New Zealand history, something more scandalous than a thousand Oravidas, and this was the only way they could get the word out. I put on my little fedora with the piece of card that says ‘PRESS’ in the rim and I hit the footpath looking for answers, and by footpath I mean Gmail.

My sides hurt reading this…


Can you please post your screenshot in the appropriate thread? Much appreciated. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think I’ll do this for mine. I got all SA so far and only failed The Revolutionary
The Appraiser: Gas explosion
The Fugitive: Subdue and neck snap
The Politician: Gas explosion


Did you miss The Undying?



Also 20 character limit is stupid




Could someone be kind and tell me how many days are left until the ET disappears? I would check myself but I’m away currently.

Thanks in advance.


4 days left



This was a pretty fun ET. I did it Silent Assassin, Santa Suit Only which I’m pretty proud of. I’d done multiple runs of this – always getting spotted by Barbara’s double and/or one of her guards. I eventually ended up with this strategy, which I’m glad turned out mostly okay.

First of all: THANK GOD for the dead-target-witness feature, or whatever it’s called (the thing that removes the target as a witness when killed). I had baited breath that it wouldn’t work or something as I exited the level.
Second thing: Anything after stashing Barbara’s double and heading upstairs to follow the real one was uncharted waters for me. I’d always get spotted either before then, or spotted by the real Barb who’s usually in the lobby at that time. That was tense.
Third thing: Did you know that the Pool Entrance Key can sometimes get lost in the debris of the broken pot, causing 47 unable to pick it up (even though it’s highlighted in full in instinct)?


This happened last night
La Locura in Motion


Jesus, Barbara was not happy with you


I knew it. Hitman 2 is just season one beta all over again. They just reverted the engine. :rofl::rofl:



beta ragdoll physics: WHY GOOD EVENING


Much better ET than expected. Really liked the body double aspect.

Ended up separating her from the head bodyguard where she goes out on the balcony. Didn’t have to mess with any cameras and only took out a few guards.

Got a SA/SO with a score of about 163k I think (forgot to take a screenshot :P).

Still hoping for a beach party mission on this level tho


i’d be interested in a daytime hawke’s bay