HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #4: The Politician (8 March 2019)


Easier than just poisoning the Revolutionary’s drink when he steps outside?


For me yes because it was easier finding the politician. It took me a while to find the revolutionary.


I somehow got really lucky today and got SA on the elusive without trying, I blew her up with the gas lamp without anyone else getting caught by the explosion. :four_leaf_clover:
It was trickier than I thought it’d be though, with all the enforcers. I had to restart a couple times.

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My only problem was the camera in front of the garage. Shooting it would have been easy were it not the two guards standing next to you. And if you went into the open far away from it so the two guards couldn’t see you, there were two more patrolling, and they didn’t look in the other direction once. Argh.


For dessert:


Awesome! I didn’t even notice the fish tank, definitely wasn’t even thinking of it as an environmental kill

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This was my first Elusive in Hitman 2 and boy was I rusty. Got no style points, just knocked out the guards one by one until I could fiberwire her on the balcony. Got away clean though for an SA rating.


That’s a style point right there :wink:.


Too much pressure, too much shit around me, not enough space and time to focus…

Despite all the fun i had doing that Elusive Target, i couldn’t manage to finish it on time :confused:

So rather than wasting my chance or die i’ve just missed the target.

Too bad since it was my most dedicated run from all Elusive Targets i’ve played (also my favourite).


Welp this will be the first elusive target that I have missed :frowning:
just got on the game to finish it today and it had already ended.

I would of thought it would of ended later on during the day.


Any Elusive Target arrives and departs at 13:00 GMT


hopefully they get repeated like last year, was really looking forward to playing this one.

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I hope so too :cry:

It was definitely my best run of all runs, in my favourite location.

You can’t imagine how frustrated i am to have not completed it on time, i just can’t get over it :confounded:

I have some training footage, but it’s not the same at all as a finished run :confused:

I really hope she’ll be back, i need to make this run a reality!



You have my genuine sympathies. If I missed one I’d need medical attention.

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If it was another target, i’dve passed on.

But THAT one…on my favourite location, plus all the dedication i’ve put into it…tears me apart to not have concluded it ><

If you see it come back, PM me. Anytime!
I’ll be ready to finish what i’ve started :+1:


Bit late, but I just saw a news package about a British politician and it 80% matches the description of The Politician

Baroness Emma Nicholson is a UK female politician who worked in foreign affairs and set up a charity organisation the AMAR Foundation. Basically the same back story as Dame Barbara Elizabeth Keating but without the scandal (so far…)

What they have in common:
A fancy British regal title
Same Age
Same hair colour and similar style
British accent
Founded their own charity
Worked in Foreign Affairs
Murdered their assistant


I mean, we don’t know for sure that she didn’t.