HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #5: “The Serial Killer"

Just making the thread for the “Serial Killer” Elusive Target coming in October.

Location: Whittleton Creek


probably will be in Whittleton, looking forward to finally meeting the Censor


I hope it’s not in Miami, and that there’s no repeat maps until all of them have one ET.

But I hope it’s in Mumbai,


I want a Whittleton Creek, and if you dont kill the target in 5 minutes the target just starts killing people.

I want him to after a short time they start killing people I dont think it should be “mission failed” since ET is a one shot deal. But if they kill people it destroys your Silent Assassin. I think that is a fair exchange, becasue you can restart all the way up until you kill the target so if you dont like your SA is taken, restart.


On this topic…

Is this target supposed to be the photographer we seen in the 2016 trailer? Or was that supposed to be Jordan Cross and IO scrapped it?

Regardless… I’m really looking forward to this new target. Not only because this will be the first NEW one since The Politician, but the fact that the target is a serial killer is an interesting concept imo.

Will he be creepy? — Stalking potential victims; take photos of dead bodies; only target certain types of people (male, female)

Or will he come off as “normal” or professional?

Will we have to kill him/her before they kill their next victim (which would result in a mission failed) or would you rather that NOT being an option?

Let’s talk!
This target has very good possibilities!


But, but… DEXTER!!
A serial killer in Miami?? It’s too perfect lol

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I agree, you think Serial Killer you go straight to Miami (Dexter vibes) :+1:


Time to try new destinations like Mumbai, Whittleton Creek or The Bank maybe?..


Ah I don’t think he would kill anyone or something like that. Some cool dialogues like in The Angel of Death or The Blackmailer at the most.

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I dunno, I think the Kasmarian killing targets for you after a little set up was steps in the direction of having NPCs interact with each other in this way. I would like to see (even if its only scripted) a suave guy (or girl) getting people to follow them to a secluded spot and trying to kill you. Maybe you can be one of thier intended victims but turn the tables. I think that would be an awesome idea

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I can understand that. But if it is in Miami, maybe IO could have the map reworked where it feels like a whole different level. (Example: No Race in Process)

If any Elusive Target NEEDED to be in a certain map, it’s this one! Haha

But I could also see this target in Whittleton Creek as well. (Similar to the crazy muffin lady) they appear to be harmless; normal. Living in a nice quiet suburb. (Perfect cover) but I feel like crazy muffin lady is enough. I’d prefer this serial killer in Miami. What’s the odds two crazy killers living in Whittleton Creek?

I just feel this target is a perfect opportunity to make a very good and memorable target. Not a self made billionaire, or a CEO etc…

Just an average joe, who happens to be a serial killer. I hope to see the target doing really creepy shit within the level (think Malcolm from Hitman Contracts.) just a perfect opportunity to make a very twisted & sadistic individual. We need more targets like this imo.


Yeah but it was main mission and stuff like that never happened again or before. And here is just an ET

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I’m liking the prospect of this ET because of him being a serial killer.
Several reasons:

  • Unlike other ETs he (she?) probably will not be escorted by guards or what have you. Serial killers like their alone time. Hopefully this means IO will come up with other ways besides sticking 4 guards to a target to make a mission difficult and interesting.
  • Target might be armed and defend himself.
  • Target might be smarter than what we’ve seen before. I’m expecting a Maelstrom/Fugitive/Black Hat mechanic where we won’t know what the target looks like when going in.
  • Whittleton Creek TVs mention him so I expect him on that map.

It did happen before, Jordan Cross pushes Ken Morgan out the window. You can make Robert Knox kill Sierra on Miami. There is plenty of options for NPCs killing each other. I know they are story but doesnt mean it CANT be introduced into ET.

I would agree with the premise of it being Miami, however we have had 4 targets from Season 2 so far, and half of them have been Miami. No more miami till 2020. No more. They can easily set a story of a serial killer in all the other maps except Sgail. Mumbai, and Whittleton Creek lend themselves the best to a narrative of a serial killer location.

Excuse me!?

I obviously missed this lol what do you mean they were mentioned??


Mumbai of Whittleton please! I’m really looking forward to October with the Halloween theme!

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When you look at the news in Whittleton Creek they talk about a serial killer called “The Censor” running around killing people and rating his victims according to the extent in which they struggled.


Get the hell out!
I honestly never heard this before, I’ll have to boot up the game and check that out. Thanks for sharing.

Now this sounds like the perfect personality that I’m looking for! Lol especially for this type of target. I really hope IO don’t disappoint. I’m just so tired of all these CEO’s and self made billionaire type targets. A target like this will be a breath of fresh air. I just hope they make him/her very unique—creepy. Maybe the target has a room near by where he has dead bodies (or KO ones) about to be tortured. (It don’t need to be a requirement) but perhaps we could have the option to free the potential victims after we kill the target?

I immediately thought of Whittleton Creek when the name of the ET was announced.
Would make for a neat murder mystery, especially when they don’t reveal what the target looks like and you have to gather clues.

We love gathering clues in Whittleton Creek. :wink:


No. We have 3 more unvisited locations.
First we should kill new Elusive Targets in new locations.

Serial Killer… Trying to escape?
Whittleton Creek is well known as a shelter for some outlaw scums


Another idea! (If The Target is in WC)

The target could have bodies buried in his backyard (his victims) it won’t do anything gameplay wise, but something like this is what I’m hoping for in regards to adding to their personality.

Maybe he/she keeps certain body parts of his victims as trophies (a finger, a tooth, eye balls etc…)

I’m just hoping to see something that makes me feel a bit uneasy :grimacing: lmao I want them to be psychotic. Maybe they could be in the process of torturing a victim in the basement (think Klaas Teller from Hitman Contracts) and we can hear the target say very sick and creepy things to them. Like a ritual of some sorts…

Or maybe the target has a special trademark weapon on their person (that they always use for “the kill” maybe we can get our hands on that weapon and kill him/her with their own “tool”

Very wishful thinking here (I know) but maybe this weapon could be a special unlock for completing this mission. (Something unique like the pen when we played the Sean Bean ET.) perhaps a unique looking dagger or scalpel??