HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #5: “The Serial Killer"

SA/SO/Rake Kill


All righty. This was fun to set up. Anyway, detective and vigilante 47 is ready to take on the most obvious serial killer I have seen in a videogame with the help of a gold bar and a toy robot. First thing you notice is the creeped out couple and their quite funny conversation.

Sure thing, buddy. Absolutely no clue you are a serial killer.

I cleaned Batty’s house for what I had planned for this ET. Needed a quiet and isolated place.

More creepy ass remarks from this lovely individual.

Oh, darling. You have no idea.

Turns out that not even deranged serial killers can resist to follow shiny gold bars and the annoyingly cutesy voice of a toy robot.

Not so fun when you are the one struggling, is it, thudfuck?


Moments before this situation, he did a remark on how 47 was a B- at best. I managed to convince him to give 47 an Axecellent A+ grade.

Finally, threw him into the Creek for good measure. 3 .22 LR shots to the legs, 1 axe to the face and dropped into deep water. He certainly didn’t put a fight but was entertaining, so I give him a D, for Dipshit.

Detective 47 saved the day again! This deserves a toast at Bearmon’s Bar.


Oh I forgot to check, does he drop any items?

not that you need them lol

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He drops a scalpel.


`Took longer than I would’ve liked, but I’m not too concerned with a fast time. It was fun following people around and listening to see what they said. I kinda knew who it was already, but part of the fun was verifying the assumption. Also, this is what I had planned for him. The weapon chase worked like a charm and on the 1st try!

Disguise fetch with some coins so he doesn’t turn around and leave.

IMO, probably the most satisfying ET we’ve had yet! :grinning:


I think you might have taken too much pleasure in killing this elusive target :grin: Diana’s comment of “THAT was an A+, 47” doesn’t really make sense because neither parties struggled.

I love her snarky comments. The fact they added her unique lines after each one of the new ETs is eliminated is fabulous. Way better than just “Target down. The money is being transfered to your account”. :B


Hahaha the target’s bio says

  • The reports (from the Official Criminal Profile) further “asses” he was raised in (…) :joy:

Strong piece of motherfucker one!
But I’m gonna torture him exactly this way on my alt

Damn, I should’ve checked what happens when you pull a gun on him. See if he challenges his fate then.
For me, I just shot him. As much as I’m sure a painful death is more ‘deserving’ of him, I’m a professional, so that doesn’t come into it. And even on a personal level, I think the worse way to kill someone like that isn’t to torture them or brutalise them. It’s to show absolutely no emotion and as you professionally treat them like just another target, and you quietly snuff out their life like it’s had no effect on you whatsoever. That is what would torture him the most: the meaninglessness of his endeavors, and their conclusion.


So any interesting way to kill him?Will he actually try to kill someone or engage 47

I find this ET very underwhelming.
Zero challenge. Lots of handholding.
Story and characterisation paper thin. Wasn’t this guy supposed to have a high IQ?
No crime scene on the map, no signs of cops chasing him, no signs of an impending murder.
Why is Susan Wilson an enforcer?


Pretty neat target although a bit underwhelming.
Sadly i failed SA as I was witnesed draging the body.
Not a bad one but also not the best Elusive Target.

There are cops in a house for sale. And an undercover cop is among the party guests.


This ET seems like the weakest one made so far

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I will say there must’ve been a little bug. The target was standing next to the guy in a hat looking at the large sculpture for a long time without moving. I had to get a coin and toss it to get him back into his routine.

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Happened to me too. When I bumped into him they started their conversation.


He survived 99 apple throws for me.
But he didn’t survive the hundredth