HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #9: The Deceivers (7 June 2019)

Continuing the discussion from HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #1: The Undying (20 November 2018 & 3 May 2019):


May 31 / Legacy Elusive Target

We end the month with a bang and an entirely new concept for Elusive Targets!

The Guru and The Congressman are two Legacy ET’s that are back in Sapienza – at the same time! This single contract includes the two targets and features a new briefing video and target bios. Completing the contract will count as 1 towards your progress for unlocking ET suits.

You’ll need to own the Legacy Pack to play this Elusive Target, so make sure you download it if you haven’t already!



2 targets means when we have killed 1 target there is no way back in terms of restarts :grimacing: and this ET will unlock the signature suit with gloves for many of us, so this is a pretty important ET, this on makes me a bit nervous, but at the same time I’m looking forward to the challenge, I just have to be very careful with what I’m doing in this ET.

Maybe I will subdue all NPC’s around both targets first, so both is ready to be killed, or use lethal poison syringe on both targets, I don’t know yet.


Interested to see if they actually have different routes. On the May Roadmap video they are shown following each other in various parts of Sapienza but they also had none of their guards so I doubt it’s representative.


Two ETs without guards would be a nice change of pace though. With those new Silent Assassin mechanics in place e.g. targets witnessing you, it would open up a number of new ways to kill them.
And luring two to three guards away does get quite repetitive to be honest.


Oh my god…

If they just walk around in the open, then it will be hard to get SA on this one :scream:, hopefully they will be inside at some point, like here:

this will indeed be a challenge… :open_mouth: :joy:.


Would be nice. Most of the places they walk in the video would make sense for that. Highly public areas with lots of civilians to witness things.


They could be doing that for the video showcasing them… I (almost) wouldn’t be surprised if they’re both doing their old routines. The Congressman tours Carruso Mansion, and the Guru is by the shop and goes into the (law) office.

Or they could be swapping their routes with another ET (pair) maybe like the Twins or Gary Busey (and Gary Cole). :thinking:


I bet my hat that none of them will have a “scenic” route. That’s just for advertising.


Interesting that they chose these targets to merge. I would have assumed they’d do so with the Paris targets.

I also wonder if they’re paying any mind to style the briefings like the 2016 game or the 2018 game. Gonna be a bit weird to see it done with the different music of HITMAN 2 when The Congressman was the second ever ET for for HITMAN 1.

If they’re basically the same ETs but now in a shared mission, and these missions are unchanged from the 2016 game, The Guru is probably the hardest one of the two.


It’s a HITMAN 2-style briefing.

Yeah, IOI is lazy nowadays, and “Recycling” are they second name. So i doubt that targets will have different routes. Of course that they will have they own old path.

But i don’t care about that. Idea to combine two targets in one mission is cool, and that be a challange.

VIP Targets are not epic. But at least Richard goes away from the VIPs for long enough for me to drop the chandelier

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Hmm, i think that them walking outside is a good thing. I get to stay the fuck away from any VIPs

Plant a breaching charge (but take out the guards in the upper floor) on the chandelier winch, go for the Senator, and at 5:31 activate the BC.

I could be wrong on that though. This is assuming they have the exact same routines from their first runs.

Yeah. I actually remember that.


I doubt that it is the same, since we can clearly see them walking on the streets. I would assume that the route is quite different.

Not always reliable since IO have shown targets in briefings/trailers in areas that they don’t go at all in the actual game.


Really hope there’s a sick 2-for-1 environmental accident kill for these two😋


No, just annoying about long wait/waste of time. Restart is not a problem either if you know the trick.
The only problem will be other NPCs I agree (and 2 targets always stay together?). Can consider interesting way or weapons to use then.

I don’t want to mess around with trying to disconnect my wireless connection on my PS4, log off or what not, so for me when 1 target is dead it is no turning back, while thinking about if I manage to do this I will unlock the signature suit with gloves, so this ET will be intense and challenging :open_mouth: :smiley:.

Hopefully these versions of the targets actually differ from their H2016 counterparts. If this turns out to be just a simultaneous reactivation with everything exactly the same, then I’ll be disappointed.