HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #9: The Deceivers (7 June 2019)

I don’t allow myself any explosive items in my inventory when playing an ET. I can’t handle the responsibility :persevere::joy:


Thanks :+1: glad i’m not alone with my failings :grin: the plus side is I’ve only got a few weeks to wait until the next ET so I can get my sig suit with gloves!


I can imagine you entering a training regime so this never happens again. Montage!

It’s going to be the lethal syringe for me from now on until I regain my confidence :joy:


Good thinking :joy:

My problem is that I get too impatient and just want to go for the kill, if ANY opportunity presents itself…I really have to hold back that urge to go for the next best kill when playing ETs :grimacing: that’s how I got gunned down in Sgail after killing the Appraiser


Did you complete any objective before that happened?
Try to post this in Bug Report Thread with the full description of what happened, maybe IOI will somehow protect ETs of being failed while the game crashed.
Crash is not your fault and this is not fair to take away a chance to play Elusive Target…

I knew you were bloodthirsty :grin:

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Not really :sweat_smile: :joy: I avoid casualties and ko’s (well, still working on that part) after all :smirk:

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Just killed these two. Footage is gonna he juicy. :relaxed:


A real easy technique I used was a quick muffin to the waiter guarding the wine, and a slip of poison before he gets up.

I was going to drown the Guru, but he didn’t go along with it, oh well… still SA/SO.

Made the deceivers vomit their guts out, blew their brains all over the wall and framed Rocco for the murder. Gg :+1:


Just in case someone tries something very lengthy:

Troutt sticks to his phone at some time before 1.5 hours playtime. Sending him to lockdown make that also never ending. Guards who come to help him will also stick to him infinitely.

Rip my idea. Back to the drafting table. :frowning:

EDIT: Could it be that Troutt’s lockdown is generally bugged?


i mean you’re probably a second paycheck to any guard that manages to take you down

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I locked him down in a trial run shooting at him with a sniper rifle and he just didn’t move at all :joy: #pricelesslockdown

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“if i can’t see 47, 47 can’t see me”


:joy: yeah, if a sniper is shooting at a window…just proceed to stand in the line of sight :crazy_face:

I think yes, cuz when I sent him to lockdown, but his own bodyguards were on their rest already, he stuck seems forever. And the nearest guard that came running to help stuck with him together.

And all these hanging situations including yours when he stuck with his phone, most definitely are bugs, cuz NPCs shouldn’t get stuck like this

I knocked out the Gardner that’s wiping off the limo, Troutt ran over to his body, I then threw something at him… 1 second later the game freezes then crashed.

But yeah. Lockdown for Troutt is forever locked down. Might have some conflict with his route being random. :smirk:

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Completed or Failed ET missions can only be played again from the same account if these ET Missions are part of a Legacy Pack issuance. That is, the original maps are re-issued under new engine or rules and therefore the ET missions can be re-released as “new” due to changes in game rules and systems.

There is no current way to re-try a Completed or Failed ET Mission in any current system or engine if you have already done so.

For example, “The Revolutionary” is gone if you have already Completed or Failed it, but if in the future the Santa Fortuna map becomes part of a HITMAN 3 Legacy Pack with new H3 engine and new H3 game rules, then there will be reason to release “The Revolutionary” again as a “new” mission and this will allow you to somehow have your much awaited rematch.

I am personally looking forward to getting my revenge on Etta Davis via H2 Legacy Pack. :stuck_out_tongue:


This! A thousand times this! That bitch was the one I’d been looking forward to most, she was the first ET to appear after I’d unlocked the Signature Suit with Gloves in a flawless mission, and she was the first one I failed on my main account by dying, since I didn’t know that setting off explosives near electrical lines turned them on and electrified puddles.

I was so looking forward to her being my first ET Jill with that suit, I was even going to fiber wire her, but I fucked it all up on two accounts and finally just shot the cafe neon sign down on top of her to kill her in an accident. So pissed.

When that evil old British bitch shows up again, her wrinkled ass is mine, and my fiber wire will show no mercy!