HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #9: The Deceivers (7 June 2019)

Lucily I don’t remember these ET’s :joy:, but I’m sure it will come back to me when I start this ET, I remember one of them was in the lawyer office, not sure where the other target was.

The Congressman was at Caruso’s mansion.

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Walking around in the first floor and the basement was it? Drinking from a wine glass in the wine cellar?
Okay, he looks easy enough (knock on wood), if IO-I haven’t changed anything.

This is all I’m expecting. Especially after The Undying Returns. Also Travis used the words “two Elusive Targets combined” during the stream.

They will be the same.
Don’t get your hopes up so high otherwise you’ll always be disappointed. :smiley:
Especially considering that nothing in the promo material points to them behaving differently than their H2016 counterparts.

I’m just glad they try to spice the ETs up a bit by combining them.
I always thought it would be fun to have a mode where every ET is activated at the same time.
If that would even work…


I don’t feel it as spiced up. We already had double ETs before, so this isn’t anything new. Just some sumultaneous reciclying. I don’t mind that for the Undying, but these ETs came out almost around 2-3 years ago.

Really? When? Did I miss those?! :frowning_face:

It is the The Guru and The Congressman in one ET, both from 2016:

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My question was badly phrased, sorry.
I meant: did we already had combined ETs?

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Hahaha, okay, no, not like this one, we have had ET’s with two targets, but not two separate ET’s in one.


Breaking News from the IO monthly: The Deceivers has been delayed by one week. They will now be releasing June 7th. The original date will have a replacement of… something to be talked about soon in the stream.


So does this count as killing two ET or only one for suit unlocks?

It only counts as one.


Anyone seen at time this goes live? Haven’t loaded the game in awhile to see the countdown timer.

hitman2maps.com has an ET tracker

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No leaked briefing video yet? :bear::pleading_face:

I don’t think they’ll have new routes.
According to the roadmap, the new things will be the briefing and targets bio.

The Guru and The Congressman are two Legacy ET’s that are back in Sapienza – at the same time! This single contract includes the two targets and features a new briefing video and target bios.

Hope we get a cool surprise tmrw.

im actually quite interested in the new briefing. whoever edits these new ones makes them very slick and the music is always nice


Dame Barbara has my favourite briefing video right now. The moody ambience of Hawke’s Bay mixed with her interesting backstory and the music are superb.


One of the better ETs, in my opinion. It changed things up and felt genuinely like a fresh experience.

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