Hitman 2 Elusive Target Silent Assassin bug

This has probably been said already quite alot by judging on reading up on this, but after choking Sean Bean to death and snapping his neck as he looked out the window, comfortably dumping him in a box, removing all footage etc. As I reached the exit, no Terminus suit was rewarded and nothing counted for the Winter suit but progress for just playing the silent assassins did.

I play on PlayStation and my username is Mr_Lasagne22. I hope for a fix in the meantime as this has affected alot of people

This is well-known issue with Elusive Targets.
The suit will be awarded manually by IOI to all who deserve it, but only after current Elusive Target departs


Yes i have the same issue as well

Hello, I have the same issue as well. I’ve completed it with the Silent Assassin rating and I didn’t get a terminus suit except for the florida suit and glove. Will I have to wait until the elusive target is over for it to be dispersed? Can’t get it immediately? Thank you

I’ve done the contract with Silent Assassin Rating and received the Miami Suit with Gloves but not the Terminus Suit so we just wait and they’ll give it to us??

Yes, indeed.

Here’s a quote from developers’ blog post:

  • Terminus Suit (Elusive Target unlock) is not unlocked immediately after completing an ET with a Silent Assassin rating
    Status : This is a known issue that will potentially affect a small number of players for each Elusive Target. Unfortunately, we are not able to reproduce the issue and therefore fix it to prevent it from happening. However, we will ‘fix’ the issue at the end of each Elusive Target by awarding the suit to everyone that unlocked it. This process can take up to 48 hours from the end of the Elusive Target ending.
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Thank you I didn’t know this I was confused since I don’t keep up with the game this is also My first Elusive Target and I just want to be sure.

So far the elusive target has ended where it says the next elusive target is coming soon. Still haven’t gotten the terminus suit yet, so would I have to wait 48 hours after the first one just departed?

Correct. It may take up to 48 hours after the Elusive Target has ended for you to get the Terminus Suit.
You won’t get a notification when you recieve it so check your Suit Inventory every now and then.

Shame, to be honest