**HITMAN 2 - Elusive Target Suggestion**

Dear IO Interactive,

I have more than 200 hours spent on HITMAN 2016, so needless to say, I like your game a lot. I also enjoyed your Elusive Target as it really ups the challenge and the adrenaline to kill your target with that one chance you get, though I missed some of the targets due to unforeseen circumstances.

However, I implore you to make a simple change, something what I believe will be extremely well received by fans worldwide:
Please allow us to get that one chance to kill our elusive target, EVEN AFTER THE LIMITED TIME period countdown is over. Meaning, you can still release your elusive targets on a timely schedule each month or so, but please DO NOT LOCK the target once the timer has passed. Let us have that one chance to kill the elusive target at our leisure, and once the mission is completed (or fail), you may lock the targets to prevent second attempt or retry. Locking the target after the countdown is over is especially unfair for gamers who buy the game AFTER the appearance of a few elusive targets, so they will never get that one chance to even try to kill them. Moreover, there are just many circumstances which render gamers unable to play or access Elusive Targets during the limited time given. For example, internet service down, server down, no access to a gaming rig, going outstation for work, vacation, PC / PS4 / Xbox broke down, etc, just to name a few. There are many more other reasons out there.

In my case this time around, my PC’s motherboard went dead two days ago and I sent it back to the factory for repairs. The technician said they will require at least 1 month to test, identify the problem, process the warranty, and issue a replacement motherboard if necessary, despite how much I begged them to expedite the process. :scream:

I pre-ordered HITMAN 2 GOLD EDITION on the second day it was announced and available for pre-order and I have been anticipating this game since then. Now that my motherboard has died, not only did I not get to play the game earlier (early access which I have paid), I am about to miss the very first Elusive Target Sean Bean (which will be only available until 4th Dec 2018) and this means a lot to me :tired_face:

So, PLEASE JUST HEAR YOUR FAN’S OUTCRY. I’m sure I’m not the only one in this. Please listen and please make this simple change to your extraordinary game.

Psst… this is why they do it. ETs are an incentive to buy the game and its expansions promptly and at full price.


Well I would like to add to this thread my suggestion from another thread.


Funny. I got Hitman 2 Gold Edition on cyber monday for 59.99 . Not full price as of now it is 99$ and I still got to kill Sean Bean Silent Assassin style :wink:

But I guess thats a different situation entirely as it wasn’t an expansion per se, and was the first target in the New Game.